Jesus, it’s Allah


It seems that a bunch of Muslims have decided to build a new mosque right next door to a planned church!  I’m all for it, houses of religion should all be put in the same area.  Throw a synagogue in there too!  Oh and look, it’s our old friend Pasta Danny Nalliah from Catch the Fire Ministries and head honcho of the extreme right Rise Up Australia Party, where their catch-cry is Keep Australia Australian.

“We don’t approve of Islam as a religion but we love Muslim people. Islam teaches that those who follow other religions are infidels.  “It is a religion that doesn’t value freedom of religion. Having those same teachings right under our noses is counter-productive to our church.”

Luckily in Australia we don’t need Pasta Danny’s approval on the establishment of religion.  How stupid is it to point out that muslims consider other faiths to be wrong right after you’ve just said you don’t approve of Islam as a religion.  How bizarre though that he should go on to say that Islam doesn’t value freedom of religion… sound remarkably like the wet Pasta is having a bit of trouble valuing freedom of religion too.

He said that homes vacated by “fed-up” neighbours would be bought up by Muslims, creating a “sharia [the moral code and religious law of Islam] zone”.

So?  You do know that in Australia we have this other thing, it’s called the law.  If you break it expect to be charged and prosecuted.  People buy houses in all sorts of places for all sorts of reason, and yes sometimes because the house is close to their synagogue or church or mosque.

Here’s another in the long ongoing saga of Pasta Noodle-head thinking he can get some free press by whingeing about the muslims.  He really can’t stand atheists, gays or muslims.

Australia is a multi-cultural society, most of us get along just fine and we don’t need to worry about what religion our neighbour is.  Pasta Danny is out to cause extra conflict and to create a storm where none needs to exist.

I agree with him that the mosque shouldn’t be build, but then I don’t think he should build a $2 million church either, why not spend the money on something sensible, you know, like some housing stock for the poor?

Places of religion are a waste of money.  Seriously.

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