If you look the long way


When you are a muslim, you should pray to your god at least five times a day.  Makes me wonder how they have time to do anything else.

And when you pray, you have to face Mecca, because that’s what the prophet did.  Imagine the consternation of the Indonesians when they discovered that for all these years, they’ve been facing the wrong way!

So if you’re in that part of the world, stop facing Africa and look a little more to the north-west, otherwise your prayers may well miss their mark.

If you have trouble determining which way to bend your arse towards god, check out Wikipedia.

More examples of the really stupid nature of religion and how easy it is to get distracted with the unimportant things and ignore all the things you should be attending to, like education, poverty and general health and well being.

Thanks to 1minionsopinion for the tip!

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3 Responses to If you look the long way

  1. prayforrain says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I think of Muslims facing Mecca to pray I realise that the Earth is a sphere and if your head is pointing to Mecca one way around the globe, then your arse will be pointing to Mecca the other way around the globe.

  2. This awesome blog has just encouraged me to install Qibla Compass by Binary Solutions on my Android phone. Next time I can feel a flatule coming on I’ll know which way to stand, for maximum impact.

    Apparently it’s only 12,767,76 km to Mecca from where I am right now so I’ll have to build a big one up.

    And look, there are options on the app. I get to choose from Shafi or Hanafi as a Juristic Method and I can belong to one of “University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi”, “Islamic Society of North America”, “Muslim World League” (the default option) or “Egyptian General Organisation of Surveying”.

    I’ve never felt more useful in my life.