Rise Up Australia Party or RUACH


Pr Daniel Nalliah has set up a political party, I’ve blogged on him before.

The party is your standard run of the mill christian right (w)ring(ing) of hands type, it’s manifesto includes such great lines as:

our Judeo-Christian heritage, which includes the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, the 1215 Magna Carta and the 1688 Bill of Rights


uphold the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, with its Preamble that this nation is “humbly relying on the blessings of God”

and my personal favourite

Believing that socialism is to be avoided and that the free enterprise system is best, as long as it is constrained within the benevolent boundaries of Christian principles; and

Because you can’t actually help people who are down and out, it’s best that they just get a job and get on with it.

But the burning question is why does the pasta want to start a party?  I know it burns in your mind.  The answer is… god told him to, in a dream, or a vision.

That morning the Lord said that He would give me a bottom up and top down plan to transform the nation.  The bottom up plan was to rise up prayer all across Australia and He gave me the name ‘Rise Up Australia’,  but He did not tell me about the top down plan.

God told him to give Australia 20 years

I asked the Lord as to what must I do, and He said to give Him 20 years of my life for Australia and that He will give Australia by 2020 as an inheritance.

An inheritance?  His god is going to give him Australia?

God also revealed to us that the meaning of ‘RUAH’ in Hebrew is ‘the breath of God’ and the meaning of ‘RUA’ in Hebrew is ‘God has given us victory over our enemy (the devil)!’ Glory to God!

OK, I think you may be trying to say that the Hebrew word Ruah could be an acronym of Rise Up Australia Party, which would be RUAP, but alas, the Hebrew word you’re speaking of is Ruach (clearly spelling isn’t one of gods strong points) which does mean breath or spirit, not sure about the breath of god, but if you want to use the correct spelling can I suggest “Rise Up Arsehole Cunts Hope”

And as far as I can tell Rua in Hebrew means to ‘raise a shout’1, it’s pretty difficult to get ‘god has given us victory’ out of that.

So, all in all, the good pasta is onto something, no doubt this bit from Monty Python sums it up really well!


It is the hope of the good pasta sauce that he will be elected to parliament, because god told him so.

Really, I mean really, do we want some person who thinks that jesus himself chats to him for a couple of hours, do we really want him in our halls of power.

Rise Up Arseholes!

  1. Check out the other definitions here
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