Cameron Spinks says 238 Million People are Insignificant.


How easy it is to see a christian getting their knickers in a twist over some really simple stuff.  In this case me old mate Spinksy can’t help but call the bluff of the homosexual lobby and then dance around with his own self-importance.  He must very very special indeed.

A recent Gallup poll was undertaken that revealed that 3.4% of adults in the United States identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. This finding is significant in its massive scale. 121,290 people answered the question “Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?” and only 3.4% of them answered in the affirmative.

Well, the research I’ve seen over many years makes that about right.  I thought it was about 2%, some people say it’s about 10%.  It’s never really clear and it really depends on how you ask the question.  For example, if the question was ‘have you had a sexual experience with a member of the same sex?’  You’d see a higher number.  If you’ve had a bit of a fiddle with your best mate, does that make you gay?  No, probably not. Bisexual?  Maybe, but probably not.  Is it an issue?  Only if you’re a repressed male christian who thinks your wobbly bits should only be inserted into another person who has signed a marriage certificate with you.

This sees a significant nail in the coffin of those wishing to pander the line that 10% of the population are homosexual. Instead it must be conceded that the figures suggest a much lower proportion of the population are actually homosexual. If this new Gallup poll stands under scrutiny then the percentage of homosexuals will be below 3.4% of the population (as the poll included bisexual and transgender as well).

Ho hum.  Does it matter that the minority is smaller?  Does that change any of the human rights concerns for homosexual people.  Does it make it ok to continue to belittle and persecute people because there are less of them than Spinksy thought?  If 13% of the world population has daily hunger and we can feed 10 % of that, does that mean we can then ignore the remaining 3%?  (13% of the world population is 925 million people.  The world’s population is about 7 billion).  Why does Spinksy get all upset about this when it’s only 3.4% of the population? He calls that insignificant and not compelling, yet continues to demonise gay people despite his impression that they’re insignificant.  That just shows how easy it is to pick on a minority simply because in his eyes they aren’t significant.

There is actually nothing compelling, one way or the other, about the percentage of the population who are homosexual. A sin still remains a sin no matter how many are participating in it. Yet quoting higher percentages in this case is a slight of the hand trick attempting to normalise such behaviours. If more people are doing it then it must be more acceptable to do.

The sin is only a sin in the mind of people who think that it’s a sin.   Doing the sin, in this case homosexuality,  is only acceptable to those doing it.  Spinksy can do his poofter bashing as much as he likes (as in his snide personal remarks, I’m sure his god stops him from doing actual physical harm), he can suppress anything he sees as a sin, but it’s not for the likes of him or any other religious fuckwits to dictate how others lead their lives.  And while the percentage might not be compelling, if we extrapolate the 3.4% across the world population we find that is 238 million people.  I don’t care what religious hogwash you’re flaying around in Spinksy, 238 million people is compelling.

While there is no real significance in the number of people who are homosexual it is worth blowing the elaborately fashioned smoke screen away. The Christian position on marriage (or anything else) should not change regardless of what the numbers tell us.

No real significance?  How easily he victimises those 238 million people and wipes away their human rights.  He seeks to impose the “christian position on marriage’ to all the population, regardless of personal belief.

This is surely the height of arrogance from any other person on the planet who sees themselves as an authority on how to deal with other humans.

Spinksy yet again demonstrates that his website is aptly named Resistance Thinking. He just needs to insert a ‘to’ between Resistance and Thinking.

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