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New University is useless Christian College

[SOURCE] I’m all for education!  But I did splutter when I read that the Melbourne College of Divinity(MCD) has been has been given permission to operate as a Specialist University. Now MCD have been operating for 100 years, set up by a bunch of christian cultists from various sects to educate their people in their ways. […]

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Bible Stories

Suggesting that Australia should use the bible stories as a basis for a system of government is one fucked up attitude.


Story of stuff

[SOURCE] The story of stuff is quite important. The amount of shit we have is contributing to the financial, environmental and food problems that we are experiencing in the world. I’ve said it plenty of times, to help us survive we need to be nice to each other, we need to make sure everyone has […]

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Just think

YouTube – Open-mindedness. If I was to create a course “Introduction to Atheism” then this would be an instructional video under the compulsory unit titled “How to deal with fuckstick christians” I think I’ll just pop off and watch that again….


Kiss Kiss

Courage Campaign | Contribute. NOM The National Organization for Marriage is an American outfit who are trying to save marriage so that’s its between one woman and one man. All very christian and nice, you know the type. So, they released a commercial about the ‘coming storm’ and made some outrageous statements – its worth […]

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George Pell on Intolerance

George Pell on Intolerance. http://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?recnum=8812 http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=8656 Dress wearing, silly hat bearing George Pell has been making speeches.  He’s been telling the world that we are becoming increasingly intolerant of the catholic faith. Tolerance is a strange thing.  While George babes appears to make some good points, fundamentally he is saying that we need to accept […]


More on Education

Look, I can’t help myself.  I got this damn awful magazine in the newspaper recently and it really got me going, so I’m writing another one about education. I’m really upset you know, with teachers.  Sure they do a great job, except for Sister Jean, she simply scared and scarred me for life. Time to […]

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The trouble with boys

Full Story This stuff really gets on my alpaca (or goat if you prefer). The sub-text is that somehow boys are broke and need to be fixed.  Hey, we’re not broke, so stop trying to fix us.  Different, yes, you don’t need a government grant to work that out.  We learn in different ways, we […]

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Schools Out

Education is such a wonderful thing, no really it is. I guess we’re lucky llamas in Australia. I think we have a first class education system. Of course, plenty of people would disagree with that. One thing that gets me, is how much it costs to educate children. Oh, its a nice topic to get […]

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