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Obama brings the end of the World!

[SOURCE] On the “History Channel” – some cable network in the USA, they’re currently screening a series called “The Bible”.  So, not real history, just some made up shit. Twitter lit up during a recent screening when the villain of the book, the devil called Satan made an appearance.  Guess what?  The devil is black and he […]


Twisted Christian

As evidenced in previous blogs, I enjoy Twitter. @apiyor is one crazy Twitter user, somewhere in Africa.  I’ve followed him for years as he’s got a very strange outlook and tweets some bat shit crazy things.  In fact, over there on the right, all his latest tweets appear in a box.  He’s so much fun! […]

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TeamJesus has the power to confuse!

Twitter is a fun time activity that gives me much joy. For a little bit I followed #TeamJesus, it has lots of happy followers all saying nice things about their god, I had a question for Jazzie, she describes herself on her Twitter account as: @JazzieBeee in His will, California GOD, FAM, & Musiq. everything else […]

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A Blessing! Pope and Social Networking

[SOURCE] Pope Bendydick has raised his hand and sent his blessing to social networks. The religious leader gave the blessing in honor of World Day of Social Communications on Monday, saying it created “a great opportunity” for users and encouraged social network users to adopt a “Christian-style presence” online. Oh, do you think it’s too […]

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We’re all really excited

Mary Fucking MacKillop (MFM).  Who the hell was she?  There’s plenty of information on the web, but in a nut shell, born 1842 in Melbourne.  Dead 1909 in Sydney.  In the time in between she was busy setting up catholic schools and helping the down and out.  Sounds like a very noble pursuit, I’m sure […]

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Thank U god – revisted

I made mention of twitter and the hash tag #thankugod back here.  I even added regular twitter updates in by side bar over to the right, just because I think it’s really funny that people use twitter to thank god for stuff.  I wasn’t even aware that god had a twitter account, but apparently he […]


Thank U god

Twitter is a wonderful thing.  You can find out all sorts of information. There are always trending topics – a subject that a number of people are tweeting about.  I like today’s it was called #thankugod. There were about 100 messages a minute coming in thick and fast. I followed it for much of the […]


Faking followers on Twitter

Kyle and Jackie O accused of faking followers on Twitter. It would seem that two of Australia’s radio ‘stars’ have been accused of faking accounts on Twitter to boost their numbers.  It would seem that Kyle has threatened to sue. So fucking what. The world has a food crisis, our economy is in melt down, […]

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Bruce Does Pod -3

Download in OGG format (right click and save) In my 3rd podcast I talk about the current stock market crisis, look at twitter and George entertains us with his view on a couple of websites. Links: Twitter Ugly People Men who look like old lesbians Jake Stone Bruce Llama Podcasts by Bruce Llama is licensed […]

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