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The Sabbath, Flying and Texting made simple

So just what is it that brings this Llama out of his semi-retirement holiday of “I’ve got better things to do”. Is it me old mate Spinksy that thinks he’s clever.  No. Is it everyone’s favourite Great Uncle Billy?  No.  Although I note he’s not been so busy with the gayz of late, what with […]

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Exodus closes down makes christians void

One of the big players in the ‘Pray the gay away’ society of homophobic bigots is closing its doors. Exodus International, the oldest and largest Christian ministry dealing with faith and homosexuality announced tonight that it’s closing its doors after three-plus decades of ministry. The Board of Directors reached a decision after a year of […]


Spinksy Snorts at the Universe

[SOURCE] Somebody must’ve told me old mate Spinksy what a dip-shit he is to think the world was created because god farted. Upon posting an article about a literal interpretation of Genesis I received several comments from friends and acquaintances that can be summed up like so: “The creation story is not the important part […]

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Spink Thinks Satan Plays Football

[SOURCE] Cameron Spink, born again christian, sole author of the Resistance Thinking website and a married man who protests way to much about gay people has been at it again, blogging about stuff that he really should keep quiet about least people seriously question his own sexuality. The AFL has always attempted to be the […]


Cameron Spink on Sex

[SOURCE] Spinksy, Spinksy, Spinksy, you really need to get out and live a little. When Emma and I announced our engagement there were friends and family who responded in shock because we weren’t living together and presumably hadn’t slept together (these presumptions were correct). Hence some people raised with Emma their concerns about how ignorant […]

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The Salt Shakers talk about Same sex couples in Victoria

[SOURCE] The Salt Shakers are a small band of really silly christians.  As far as anyone can tell the whole thing is run out of the lounge room of Peter and Jenny Stokes.  They proudly talk about the Resistance To Thinking website that is their baby, that one is run by me old mate Cameron […]

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The ACL and Christians Endorse Discrimination

I wrote just the other day about Billy and how upset he is with the Government for trying to make Australia a better place by removing discrimination. Billy used these words: Of real concern are the addition of two new categories, sexual orientation and gender identity Oh no, it’s a real concern!  That sounds drastic, […]

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Cameron Spinks says 238 Million People are Insignificant.

[SOURCE] How easy it is to see a christian getting their knickers in a twist over some really simple stuff.  In this case me old mate Spinksy can’t help but call the bluff of the homosexual lobby and then dance around with his own self-importance.  He must very very special indeed. A recent Gallup poll […]

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Stupid abortion sculpture

[SOURCE] A great and compelling picture is making the rounds at the moment. This photo doesn’t any more introduction than the information that is posted down the bottom. Make sure you view in full screen. I love me old mate Spinksy. Here’s the image: Ho hum. So, the ‘meaning’ is the woman feels remorse and […]

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Preston is no anti-abortion hero

[SOURCE] So, a Brisbane man, Graham Preston, has been jailed for not paying his fines worth $8,000.  He was fined for trespassing and resisting arrest.  He places himself between women trying to enter a clinic and intimidates and stops them from entering. The women are heading into the clinic for an abortion.  This christian puts himself […]