Spinksy Snorts at the Universe


Somebody must’ve told me old mate Spinksy what a dip-shit he is to think the world was created because god farted.

Upon posting an article about a literal interpretation of Genesis I received several comments from friends and acquaintances that can be summed up like so:

“The creation story is not the important part of the Bible. What is important is the Gospel. Indeed the very arguing of a literal six days for creation can distract from the Gospel.”

I can’t help but feel deeply disturbed by these opinions. Firstly, I am concerned about the criticism I have received for even broaching on the topic of creation. Indeed in my previous article I did not treat a literal creation as a primary doctrinal issue, nor did I even say that we should be divided on the issue. What I said was that it was completely plausible for Christians to hold to a literal 6-day creation.

Oooo. He’s deeply disturbed because someone thinks creationism is silly.  The bit I find deeply disturbing is that he thinks a literal 6-day creation is plausible.  6 days to do all this?  You must be out of your mind!

milkywayLet’s just take a minute.  Think of how small a grain of sand is.  Now cut it in half, then cut it in half again and then once more.  Can you imagine that?  It’s pretty small.  You may even have trouble finding it. The world is really big when you’re a tiny bit of sand.  Look up at the sky, how far can you see?  Forever is the answer.  Everything up there that you can see beyond the atmosphere is bigger than you.  Even the distance between your eyes and where the blue stuff stops is bigger than you.  Like the grain of sand you’re small.  Keeping going out, beyond our solar system, all the way to the Milky Way and then keep going.  There are suns and planets out there that are huge.  So big that we don’t even know how to comprehend their size.  My mind can’t even get around the notion that these big stars are only small when compared to the total size of the universe.  Here we are, on a tiny speck of sand in the grand cosmos pretending that it’s only 6,000 years old.  There are people so small on this planet that they actually believe they are the most important thing in the universe.  They think that their god magiced the whole thing up in under a week.  It’s simply crazy to believe such dribble.

There is a vast difference between what is termed “old-earth creationism” and “theistic evolution”.

Well no, there’s not really any difference, both are fanciful stories that seek to force the universe into the words written by people over 3 thousand years ago.  They’re the same people who thought you could fit all the earth’s animals on a big boat for forty days.

While I have concern about the former I believe the latter cannot hold under the weight of the creation story intertwining with the Gospel. Consider this, God makes Adam and Eve approximately 6,000 years ago (this can be verified via genealogies).

I’m gonna stop you there Spinksy, how is it verified?  What independent sources did you use to verify the genealogies in the bible?  Well, you didn’t use any – because there are none.  Someone counted the generations in the bible going backwards and worked out the date.1

If macro evolution had occurred previous to this creation we have a God who prescribes the term “good” on a process that improves a species only by generations and generations dying. Furthermore, the very essence of the Gospel, that is the depravity of man, is undermined by the lack of a historical Adam (the most compelling understanding of history from an evolutionary perspective).

So because you don’t want god waiting 10 million years before saying “Good” all the science is wrong?  That makes sense.

Also, Jesus is constantly referenced as the last Adam. If macro evolution were to be true this would have catastrophic implications upon the Gospel. This is not a meaningless quibble, it affects (and distorts) the very nature of man.

Evolution is true and that alone should be enough for you to throw religious fairy tales away.  Claiming the earth is no more than 6,000 years old shows how far your head is stuck in the bucket.  If you hold still I can kick it till it falls off.

Certainly the implications of the age of the universe should not be overstated. One can land on either side of the debate and be doctrinally sound in other, more important, areas. Nor should our theological discussions be fixated upon this topic (to the detriment of countless other topics). Yet we must not understate the importance of a solid biblical understanding of the creation of the universe. It does have ramifications upon other areas of Scripture and undermining it can lead people away from being convicted by the Gospel. It is for this reason that, on occasion, I may discuss the creation narrative in my articles.

The implication is that it shows what a crock of shit the notion of the earth being 6,000 years old is.  Basically Spinksy is saying that you have to accept that the world is only young because if you don’t then there are other parts of the bible that must also be make believe.  If you believe in evolution then you probably don’t want to buy into the young earth creationism crap.  That’s a worry for the likes of Spinksy, it means less followers because they have been led way from being ‘convicted by the gospel’.

Bring it on baby.


  1.  A number of people have given it a go over the years, none of them give any regard to science but base their belief only on the bible.  LINK
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