Christians Have a Home!


It’s all happening for the Australian Christian Party this month.

They have a new office!  Woo hoo.

The gala opening attended by 3 people and a photographer was call “historic” and their new address is PO Box 258, Croydon Vic 3136.  Hang on, they have an office in a post box?  Maybe they’re worried and don’t want to tell you where their office is…I suggest you simply drive around Croydon with your window down singing “Onward Christian Soldiers” while tooting your horn until the Director and her two volunteers appear.

Meanwhile in other more exciting news, the Australian Christians are now registered in Tasmania!  It was a day of celebration as the party thanked Tasmanians for their support of christian values!  The party has now officially been registered by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission after the party achieved the critical number of members to do so. All 100 of them!  Wow, feel the love Tasmania – you’ve all gotten right behind the party to show real christian support.  Any day now they’ll be opening an office in Hobart.

Oh and check out the happy couple throwing their arms in the air, probably giving thanks as the bible quote at the bottom of their post says:

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

Either that or their waving to the other 98 who’ve just set off across Bass Strait to visit the Melbourne office.  If they can find it.  Alas, the happy couple are from a stock photo and their described as

Happy cheering couple enjoying sunset at beach with arms raised up in joyful elated happiness. Happiness concept with young joyous couple, Caucasian man and Asian woman.

Who knows, maybe they are praising cheeses.

A bag of baby jesus

A bag of baby jesus

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