Jesus, Billy is missing out


Oh I can feel the despair that good old Uncle Billy is feeling.  He’s gone all wishy-washy at the knees.  He’s just finished a 1453 word essay on the gospel and there isn’t an abortion or gay anywhere to be seen.  That’s remarkable.

If you’re ready for a nap, go and have a read, otherwise, here’s the bits that are at least a little entertaining.

One thing you can always bank on is this: if we preach a wishy-washy gospel, we will end up with wishy-washy Christians. If we proclaim an anaemic message from the pulpits, we will end up with anaemic believers in the pews. If radical discipleship is not taught in our churches, we will not have radical Christian disciples.

That’s right and if you use the gospels to preach hate, then hate is what you get, radical christians hating people.

What is proclaimed and heard in our churches is such a feminised, worldly message that the clear biblical gospel is getting woefully garbled if not lost altogether.

Feminised?  Does he mean weak and ineffective?  Sounded just a little nasty their Billy.

Let’s start with John the Baptist: “In those days John the Baptist came, preaching in the Desert of Judea and saying, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near’” (Matthew 3:1-2).

How near is near?  Two years, twenty, two hundred?  How long do you have to wait for the kingdom to appear before you can say a long time?

Jesus offered the same message: “From that time on Jesus began to preach, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near’” (Matthew 4:17).

Seems jesus is on the wrong bus or he missed the stop.  The kingdom is not near to anything at all.

The very heart and core of the gospel message is almost entirely missing from the New Age mumbo jumbo and self-centred baloney of these pop pastors. Instead you will constantly hear a message about how good you are, how you can live a better life, how you can have great wealth, and how you can even lose weight for Jesus.

That just sounds like professional jealousy Uncle Billy.  Are you poor and stacking on the kilos – you probably need jesus.

So where is the gospel in all that? Whatever happened to the simple truths which John and Jesus and Peter and Paul proclaimed? Whatever happened to the core message that we are sinners under the wrath of God headed to a lost eternity, and unless we repent and put our trust in Christ, renouncing self and making him Lord, we are all doomed?

Oh doom, doom, doom.  The kingdom is near and you’ll be all burning in hell if you don’t jolly well sit up and pay attention to Uncle Billy.

It must be so hard to be a biblical christian these days.



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