Australian Christian Ray has a dummy spit!


My friend Ray at the Australian Christian party is a bit sad that no one is taking him seriously!

In 2012, all media, including the ABC were invited to the launch of the newly registed political party Australian Christians; a party seeking to represent the 19% of Australians who attend church once a month or more. No journalists attended.

Oh goodness me, what long memories you have.  Still hurts does it?  The media paid you no attention at all?  How will you cope!  Fancy being ignored by the media!  How dare the media decide what’s news worthy and what’s not.

Tonight the ABC news featured a lengthy article on the newly anounced pro gay marriage party seeking to elect candidates to the Senate in 2016. This party represent about 1.5% of australians who identify homosexual and is not registered with the AEC.

Oh my goodness me, how dare the ABC take their cameras out to Melbourne Pride March and not only film the march but do an interview with a new party.  Did you have a similar event to launch your party?  How much work did you put into the launch?  Was there a thousand beautiful bodies to draw the media in?  Oh, and you do know that Channel 9 and 7 also covered the event?  Why have you singled out the ABC for not reporting your launch?  It must really be a pain to be ignored.

In the past few years, the number of federally registered political parties grew to over 50. How many newly registered political parties did the ABC publicise in the same way they did with this new pro gay marriage party on this evenings news? How did it qualify for so much tax payer funded attention and free publicity?
I have asked the question of the ABC but do not expect a reasonable reply.

Oh please.  Why do we have the ABC do anything at all?  At one time Cardinal George Pell was on Q&A for a whole hour.  Once upon a time we had to watch the burial of a dead pope, hours were devoted to watching a puff of smoke come out of the chimney.  Why shouldn’t it cover all areas of the world and not just one that supports you.  Why don’t you just put your dummy back in your mouth and play with your hair?

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