Australian Christians Launch… something

There’s a new political party.  It’s called Australian Christians.  They’re a break away party of the Christian Democratic Party – Fred Nile – right wing whinger.

The Australian Christians have this quaint notion that somehow they will get all those little Aussie christians to vote for them.  They estimate that there are 2.7 million christians who can vote.  They reckon if they can get them to vote as a block that the party will become the third political force in Australian politics, knocking the Greens out as there are more christians than Greens – or so they think.

The party was ‘launched’ in Perth this week.  Ray Moran is the National Director of AC and said this:

We also have a commission to be salt and light in our nation and to make disciples.1

Nice, that’d be a commission from their god, although it’s not made clear how they got this commission – or why they think it applies to them.

They had Dave Hodgson of Paladin Corporation, his corporation is a funding body that deals in financial stuff, as the keynote speaker.  He said this:

Disinterested Christian voters unwittingly enable evil to prosper in our land when they vote for parties without knowing what policies these parties promote.

Get that.  The disinterested christians are letting the devil in.  That’s a hell of a thing to say about people.  He’s blaming all those christians that vote for the Greens (as that’s who they really mean) for the evil in the world. How dare they not consider this when voting!  How arrogant is it to assume that they vote without knowing the polices of the parties.  Hodgson would sooner that they vote for the christians, however, their website is devoid of any real policies.

Their values are all based on the bible, whatever that means.  They go on about the judeo-christians values.  They talk about how Australia is based on those values.  Not that they actually articulate that very well.  Reading between the lines, I think it’s clear that they want to ban abortion, they want to deny equal rights to the minority groups, you know, the usual crowd of gay, lesbian, muslim.

They talk about a ‘fair go’

Drawing on colloquialisms, our values include such things as being ‘fair dinkum’, and the value of a ‘fair go for all’. Our society’s values are based on our Judeo-Christian heritage, which are ultimately outlined within the Bible.

Australian Christians recognise this. We are unapologetic about basing our policies, and core values upon this, our heritage.

I’d be keen to see how the AC will be fair dinkum at giving same-sex attracted people a fair go when in comes to marriage equality or protections around employment and family.

There’s a by-election brewing in Victoria.  Standing is Frank Papafotiou candidate for Niddree by-election, he’s standing as an independent supported by the AC.  Franky poos says that the electorate has 75% christans.

My main focus is to address the long standing discrepancy between the values shared by the Niddrie electorate and the values promoted by the previously elected Labor representative.

The values of the Niddrie electorate seem to have been shown at the last election, where 50% of the vote went to the Labor party, 40% to the Liberals and the remaining 9% to the Greens (it’s rounded).  The ‘christian party’ at the last poll was Family First, they managed just 4% of the vote primary vote.2.  Basically the message from Franky Poos is that evil people vote for the Greens and Labor, about 60% of the electorate.  There is no Liberal candidate standing for the by-election.  Clearly they don’t think it’s worth the effort and the Labor party will win.

I’ll be keen to see where the Liberal votes go.

The Australian Christians think they have a chance of being the third force in Australian politics.  I think the electorate will stay clear of anyone who claims to represent judeo-christian values.  They’ll flounder and make minimal impact and be added to the growing pile of defunct Australian political parties.

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  2. Victorian Electoral Commission 2010 State Election SOURCE
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