Muehlenberg for LCS!


A big day in Australian politics.  The PM thrown out by her own party and the former PM thrown in.  Really it’s enough to make your head spin.

Who should we turn to to work out what’s going on.  Oh, I know, Grandpa Billy.

There is really only one bit of commentary which is needed here: Has this nation ever seen a more inept, incompetent, dysfunctional, reckless, immoral, disunited, egotistical, contemptuous and brainless government? Utterly mind-boggling. What a circus!

Yes, Howard was pretty fucking horrible.

A choice between dumb and dumber. A choice between a pro-homosexual egomaniac and a pro-abortion socialist atheist. Delightful.

This is better than the homophobic “I don’t hate woman” alternative.

We don’t want any of these losers. A pox on both of them. They have caused enough damage and carnage already – no more!

Carnage?  How so?  Just the sort of rubbish you’d expect from a religious nutter.  Rudd and Gillard are both winners, they won their last elections in their own seats.  They both have a good solid following around the nation.  To say otherwise is to have your head buried so far up your own arse you can watch the sun rise through your own eyelids.  So much has been done in the last three years, in a hung parliament.  Have you been asleep?  Oh, that’s right, you just hate them because they are Labor, therefore evil.

Let’s be clear on what exactly has happened here. Rudd is elected; he is then assassinated by his own party; he engages in a destabilisation campaign resulting in a hung Parliament; he spends the next three years being a thorn in Julia’s and Labor’s side; and then gets back in! What a bizarre scenario.

Yes, I agree with that summary.  It is bizarre and shouldn’t ever have happened.  I will never again agree with Grandpa Billy.

This is simply a party of liars: Julia Gillard insists, “There will be no carbon tax…” Kevin Rudd insists, “I have no plans to challenge…” Shorten insists, “Julia has my full support…” How can anyone trust any of these clowns? They have so undermined their own credibility that they have simple become a very stale joke.

No it’s not.  They are not simply a party of liars.  No more than any other politician who does so for their survival.  We have come to expect it.  It’s how politics works.  Your sense of outrage is unfounded and unnecessary.   Under Howard we had broken promises, that is promises became either core or non-core.  In any other language that’s called a lie.

How many times do we have to endure all this? It is like a bad dream – worse than groundhog day. Does anyone seriously believe Kevin will make one bit of difference? He is still hated by so many in his own party and on the front bench that any talk of a newfound Labor unity is just a joke.

The Labor party seem to differ with you Grandpa – they put him back in.  It seems that he has the support of more people than you give him credit for.  Another silly billy assertion.

The electorate has had a gutful of the sheer idiocy of all this. They are fed up, and can’t wait till September 14.

Rubbish.  You don’t know the mind of the electorate.  Another silly billy assertion.  There are those who are cheering that Rudd is in and Gillard is gone.  The nation will actually be split on this.  To some what you consider idiocy makes a great deal of sense.  Start with the Labor party, it seems that a majority of them think this is sensible.

The truth is, it really did not matter who won the ballot tonight. Both these despicable characters have mortally wounded their own party. They will be slaughtered in just under two and a half months, and they both can take full credit for this.

I reckon they are ever so grateful to you Grandpa Billy.  You alone know what the truth is.  I can hear the glee in your voice and I suspect you probably did a little wee.

It will be a long time before Labor can recover from these last few years of chaos and disintegration. They should have learned their lessons at the last few state elections, especially the Queensland wipe-out. But political ideologues are notorious for blindness and self-deception.

You really are pathetic Billy.  At least half the population supports the political party that is elected.  The parties that are really blind and full of self-deception never get anywhere.  One Nation, Family First and Rise Up Australia.

Of course today we also heard from the two sham Independents, Oakeshott and Windsor who said they will not stand at the next election. Good riddance as well. Those two are directly responsible for this whole debacle, casting their voted with Labor even thought their own electorates expected them to side with the conservatives.

More silly assertions. The two ‘shams’ were elected as independents.  That’s neither Labor or Liberal.  Only they know the terms of their agreement with Abbott and Gillard.  They have done great things with a minority government for their local communities.  That seems to me to be what the local members should do.  They took the best deal.

Billy never gives an objective opinion.  His whole world is so starkly conservative, he has no time for any thing that is a bee’s dicks width away from the far-flung right.  I can see him jumping from leg to leg, stroking his beard and doing his best to not wee with excitement.

LCS = Liberal cocksucker.



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  2. Jane Douglas says:

    “I can hear the glee in your voice and I suspect you probably did a little wee.”

    Heh, heh. LOLed picturing this.