The ACL guides us on appropriateness!


The Australian Christian Lobby has questioned the use of taxpayers’ money to subsidise so-called art aimed at denigrating religion.

Let me answer the question for you – taxpayers money is being spent on a fringe festival, not specifically on just one show.  It’s one of the things that governments do.  You know, like when the government paid for the security for that old fart pope bloke to come pay a visit, us non-religious types thought that was a waste of money.  Or how about when my tax payer money is spent on presents for the next king of England?  That’s a waste too.  And just where do you get off denigrating someone’s performance as ‘so-called art’?

The South Australian Government and Adelaide City Council sponsorship of a Fringe Festival event entitled ‘Come Heckle Christ’ is inappropriate according to the ACL’s South Australia spokesperson Dan Flynn.

Well, the world would be a worse place if we all decided what could and couldn’t be funded on some sort of criteria around appropriateness decided by the likes of Danny Flynn.

The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, was right to urge people to complain about the production, Mr Flynn said, and ACL would encourage its supporters to do the same.

Seriously?  You want to complain about a play in a fringe festival?  You’d sooner shut it down and suppress the right of the artists to free speech?  Wow.

“While ACL supports freedom of speech and most Christians are very tolerant when it comes to public attacks on their faith, ‘Come Heckle Christ’ had gone too far, particularly as it is partially funded by the public purse,” Mr Flynn said. “In a tolerant society there is room for disagreement and debate but respect for religion should be encouraged.”

So, now we have to respect your religion?  Why the fuck should we encourage respect for a religion that thinks people who don’t accept jesus bloody christ as god are going to burn in hell for all eternity?  Why should there be respect for a bunch of bigots who think gay people should be stoned to death?  Why should we respect a religion that is clearly a fantasy?  What Danny boy and his type are really saying is that religion should be respected just because it should be respected, because it’s religion.  There’s no other reason.  If your god is offended by the performance let him deal with it by the dropping by and yelling at the top of his voice stop it!  At the very least he should send bushfires or floods or a bunch of frogs to nibble the artists toes.  I would have thought that the ACL would be more interested in protecting the rights of gay people in Nigeria who are going to be stoned to death for being gay.  The catholic bishops over there think it’s a good idea.  Where is the outrage about that?

Mr Flynn noted that advertising material for the production described the crucifixion of Christ as a “fairy-tale” despite the fact that no serious historian believes that.

Ha!  Serious historians!  Therefore any historian that says there is no evidence for the existence of jesus is not a serious historian?  It’s great to see that the ACL now controls the criteria for serious people too.



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