A Double Life


I’ve never lead a double life.  I’ve lived a lie, I’ve been in denial and I once had a romp with a very attractive she-llama.

David Campbell, until quite recently has been leading a double life.  He was the Minister for Transport for the New South Wales government.  He has been visiting ‘sex clubs’ – gay sex clubs, then going home to his lovely wife and children.

I’m not sure if he’s gay or bi, perhaps he just found men better to have sex with and he’s actually straight.  Who cares.

The whole story broke because Channel 7 followed him around, secretly filming him and then exposed it to the whole nation.  It’s not like he was doing any thing illegal, their initial premise was that he was using a tax-payer funded car to get the gay club… which is ok apparently.  That was the initial reason for them breaking the ‘scandal’.  When that fell flat they moved to ‘he’s been leading a double life and he shouldn’t be’ and as a former police minister he may be compromised by visiting a brothel and sex club.

Here’s a question for us.  Why did he lead a double life?  Why did he send out family christmas cards?  Why did he pretend to be a family man?

The answer?  Because fuckwits like Peter Meakin1 continue to treat sexuality as ‘scandal’, instead of allowing their stories to be useful and help change public perception that might allow people to come out, they go for the ratings and the sensationalism pretending it’s in the public interest.  They have had no respect for Campbell, have shattered his life for their own self interest and are probably patting themselves on their own backs.  Campbell may well have got to a point of dealing with his double life down the track, perhaps he was waiting for the kids to grow up, for his mum to die, saving his money to move elsewhere.  We don’t know.  But we do know that someone else took it upon themselves to expose him and treat him like a piece of trash.

This also sends a message to those who are struggling with their sexuality.  It may well encourage more people to stay hidden, live even more secret lives, they may feel depressed, anxious and suicidal.

This isn’t news, this isn’t helpful, this isn’t public interest, this is about a media outlet destroying the life of people for no reason other than the glory of being Number 1 in the ratings.  What an arsehole of a thing to do.

  1. Channel 7 News Director SOURCE
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