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The JCCV releases a report!

The JCCV finally issues a report on the work of their reference group. Alas, the report offers very little in the way of any action to combat discrimination and vilification of people who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender.

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Does the Jewish Community cover up sex scandals?

There exists in the Melbourne Jewish Community plenty of organisations, but lets face it, it’s a pretty small community1. The arrest and charging of one David Samuel Cyprys, 43, a security guard at Melbourne’s Jewish boy school, Yeshivah College, is no doubt sending shock waves through the small community.  I’ve blogged about it already today. The […]


Child Abuse Scandal in the Melbourne Jewish Community Covered Up

[SOURCE] It goes to show that religious people are more inclined to be concerned with their own reputation than the safety of the children entrusted to them.  In a previous blog I covered the way that some in the Melbourne Jewish community have attempted to keep all this hush hush. From 1984 to 1991 this low […]


Jews do it too!

[SOURCE] There are reports of sexual abuse and cover ups happening in Melbourne’s jewish community.  And just like other religious organistations there’s a scramble to denounce and distance your synagogue from the perpetrators.  Good thing too. But then there’s still the apologists who try to cover up and minimise the dreadful impact that abuse has on […]


A New Blog

Mikey Bear starts a new blog to continue the fight against religious intolerance.

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The bullying must stop.

[SOURCE] Bullying is an insidious power game.  As if it isn’t bad enough trying to grow up and be under pressure from a bully just because the bully doesn’t like you, if you also happen to be gay you have to deal with your school mates picking on you and making your life hell. Where […]


From the mail box

In a response to my last blog I got this email. Friends One way to elevate this entire discussion to a higher level (in theory at least) is to remember that Jewish law does not end with Torah. Even if you believe – as some do – that the entire Law was handed down to […]

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Compassion is what’s needed

It’s really easy to use the bible to support your own point of view and ignore the rest of what’s written in it, until you need it for something else.  It’s such a big book full of some of the most violent nasty stories you’ll read anywhere.  There’s also love and compassion, lots of sex!  […]

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How small are you?

[SOURCE] The AJN Watch, a blog written by a sky pixie believer, is outraged that the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV)  should be establishing a reference group to look at issues for people who are gay and jewish.  The author trots out predictable lines about how most people don’t accept homosexuality, and how homosexuals […]

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How sensible!

Over at the Sensible Jew blog1 there’s a bit of a conversation going on about the JCCV (That’s the Jewish Community Council of Victoria)  and a ‘secret’ meeting with jews who are gay2. It’s all very covert and mysterious, and at the same time laughable. I don’t want to dwell on the blog itself, just […]

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