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Mikey Bear has been fighting the religious intolerance in the jewish community for awhile now.

It’s about time he got a blog to further the cause!

Michael has a very keen sense of justice, and has gone out to ruffle a few feathers, not to feather his own nest, but to better help those least able to help themselves.

I’ve blogged before1 about his efforts in addressing the ingrained homophobia within the orthodox jewish community, the complete ineptitude of the JCCV to deal with matters of hate and the impact that religion has on young people struggling to address their sexuality.

Michael has his detractors, he has those who think his approach is wrong and have gone out of their way to undermine his efforts while not offering any assistance to those most in needs. Fuck you, I say to them. The world needs more people like Michael that are prepared to take on the inane stupidity of religion and to demonstrate how that effects people and to simply ask that we speak out against it.

Here, it’s easy – religion causes harm. Young people in fundamental environments are more likely to kill themselves because of their parents religious intolerance and that shit needs to be called for what it is.

Go read. Sign up, register, comment. Help. Stop being an apathetic bastard, no wait, that’s me, or Shadforth.

Big willy waving at Mikey Bear – he’s got a cape you know.

  1. Search this blog for Aleph JCCV and Michael Barnett
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