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Australian Christian Ray has a dummy spit!

Ray from the Australian Christians is still upset that the media are ignoring him while supporting the gayz.

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A Double Life

Channel 7 takes it upon themselves to act as our moral guardians

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Faking followers on Twitter

Kyle and Jackie O accused of faking followers on Twitter. It would seem that two of Australia’s radio ‘stars’ have been accused of faking accounts on Twitter to boost their numbers.  It would seem that Kyle has threatened to sue. So fucking what. The world has a food crisis, our economy is in melt down, […]

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Gruen Transfer

Now I’ve seen some pretty offensive things.  I’ve said some pretty offensive things and I’ve been the brunt of some pretty offensive things.  This Llama at times is an offensive thing. The Gruen Transfer tonight pulled a segment from their show as it was a bit much to take.  I won’t link to it, you […]

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Those swine

I can hardly let it pass without making comment about the stupidity of it all.  So, the swine flu sweeps out of Mexico, they claim to have 170 people die from it.  Mexico goes into shutdown.  (Later the number is reduced to 12 or so) The World Health Organisation, the word pandemic, if you’ve been […]

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World Youth Day WYD08

This July about 225,000 youth are expected to descend upon Sydney for World Youth Day, which is being organised by the catholic church as a week long pilgrimage for the young people of the world to share in the love of christ (poor bastards)  It has a youth festival which includes such wonderful things as […]


The Media

I’m having a go at the media.  It has the power to do great things in our world, but time and time again we get fed cheap crap.  I’m talking about Patty Newton, not that she’s cheap crap, apparently she had $130,000 worth of stuff in her handbag and it got stolen (source) while she […]

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