Gruen Transfer

Now I’ve seen some pretty offensive things.  I’ve said some pretty offensive things and I’ve been the brunt of some pretty offensive things.  This Llama at times is an offensive thing.

The Gruen Transfer tonight pulled a segment from their show as it was a bit much to take.  I won’t link to it, you can find it yourself.  It takes a lot to offend me, not that I’m saying I was offended, but today it came close.

That’s not the aim of my rant today.  I’m a twitterer – you can follow me on twitter – brucellama.  Tonight I was following the discussion tagged #gruentransfer and was amazed to see overingtonc make a crass and bad taste joke at the expense of Jews.

Overingtonc has a link on her twitter account to a blog on the Australian. That Australian blog is Caroline Overington.

Shame on you Caroline Overington.  6 million Jews were murdered during the holocaust.  It’s not funny and your tweet was not funny, it was in bad taste.

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