Plenty of Jesuses


Sometimes all you need to do Uncle Billy is take the next step:

There are in fact plenty of Jesuses out there. Most are the creation of men’s minds, instead of the Jesus of Scripture. Thus we have the hippy Jesus, the lefty Jesus, the social reformer Jesus, the good example Jesus, the social justice Jesus, the greenie Jesus, the socialist Jesus, the pacifist Jesus, the anti-capitalist Jesus, the homosexualist Jesus, the universalist Jesus, and so on.

A slight tweak – “all are the creation of men’s minds”

And this:

Overwhelmingly today we hear about a Jesus who judges no one, who accepts everyone, who loves everyone and everything indiscriminately, who would never reject anybody, and who is there to meet all our needs, fulfil all our desires, and to grant us our every wish.

That’s exactly your jesus, dear old Uncle Billy, regardless of how hard you try, you want your god to fulfil all your desires and grant all your wishes.  Sure, you pretend that it’s the other way around, but if your honest with yourself, the type of world your god wants is exactly the type of world you want.



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