Gillard and Obama – Slaves to Satan

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facebookYou’ve really gotta love what the christian get up to when they think they’re playing all by themselves.  So Obama wanted to veto some bill about banning abortions.  The right-wing christian god botherer and man I might add, Mark Rabich says that his mind boggles.  It boggles that a ‘leader’ (that’s the President of the USA who was voted into office with a majority to ‘lead’ the US) would call killing children health care.  I like that the link to the article includes a photo of the President holding a 3 month old baby that clearly is the result of a non-abortion.  Nice touch.

Anyway, I don’t know enough about the abortion debate on this bill, I want to comment on the comments.  I don’t mind that women want to abort their unborn babies.  It’s not my decision and I’m pretty sure that there is enough going on for them without yet another man telling them what to do.  That in the eyes of Mark Rabich makes me evil.

So, photo of President, allowing this baby to play with his nose – comment from Natalie N Johnson?  He hates children.  Yeah.  The President often tells his two daughters that he is evil and he hates them.

Then look, it’s Grandpa Uncle Billy the Not-Evil-My-Conscience-is-ok Mulehead.  He’s great comment about this evil?

people like Obummer and Julia are not real leaders of course. They are slaves to Satan,who was a murderer from the beginning.

So, President Obama, the duly twice elected President is now Obummer.  I guess I can’t pick on Billy for using quaint names.  But look, he’s not a real leader!  Of course!  How could I have missed it.  He is in fact a slave to Satan!  Woo hoo – that explains so much.  And Julia, before she wasn’t the Prime Minister of Australia, is also a slave.  To Satan.  Way to go non-leaders!  It’s so great that in two sentences he is able to explain that the reason there are people who support abortion is because they are slaves to the murdering Satan and therefore by extension they too are murders.

All we need to do now is pray for their souls.

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