The ACL and Christians Endorse Discrimination

I wrote just the other day about Billy and how upset he is with the Government for trying to make Australia a better place by removing discrimination.

Billy used these words:

Of real concern are the addition of two new categories, sexual orientation and gender identity

Oh no, it’s a real concern!  That sounds drastic, but wait, along comes that other bastion of hatred towards teh gays, the Australian Christian Lobby, and look at their words:

Drastically expands the number of attributes that will be protected to include things like gender identity and sexual orientation;

Isn’t it funny.  Two new categories is just, well two.  The ACL can’t help themselves but call those two things a drastic expansion.  It sounds like there’s hundreds and hundreds of attributes being added.  I can see the veins in Jimbo’s head throbbing.

Then there’s me old mate Spinksy, he’s got a few of his own words that express his outrage

 Of course this will be used by pro-homosexual groups who (among others) will use this as a new way to target Christian groups and individuals who they claim to be “offended” by.

Certainly this proposed legislation cannot operate in such a way that would allow me to seek to charge anyone with a grievance against me yet it demonstrates a lopsidedness to this potential addition to discrimination law.

Goodness, who would have thought that the gays would use laws to target those that seek to vilify, discriminate and harass them.

Then there’s that pretend political party the Australian Christians:

Among other problems, the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 would greatly increase the number of attributes (eg gender identity) on which discrimination is forbidden;

gaysHow funny, the notion that legislation to make it illegal to discriminate against sexual orientation and gender identity sends them into a tiz.  The fundamentalists just don’t like the idea that their outrageous and dangerous ideas might be made illegal.

Their outrage is along the lines of “How dare the government try to tell us that we can’t call gays nasty names and keep them out of jobs and nursing homes.  How dare they!  Don’t they know that they’re poofters!  Poofters are evil – we need to protect the world against poofters!  If we don’t the poofters will turn us all into poofters!”






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