Uncle Billy Shows us Why Religion is Evil


In an age of oppressive political correctness and a militant social engineering crusade, it seems homosexuals can do no wrong. They have become the new untouchables who are forever above fault, and must be treated as sacrosanct. And if any charge is levelled against them, it of course must be untrue, and simply the fruit of homophobia.

Really?  Uncle Billy is saying that gay people can do no wrong, and that they get away with it?  Wow.  Everyone should turn gay!

Such is the stranglehold the pink mafia and its supporters in the media and elsewhere have, that no one dares to say anything critical about this movement – even if it happens to be true. Any claim brought against them will be considered to be “hate speech” and harshly dealt with.

Heck, so the media won’t report the truth about what’s happening if the criminals are gay.  Incredible.  What would we do without Uncle Billy to point this stuff out to us?

The bullying and intimidation from the homosexual militants has been so intense that most people are terrified to say anything remotely negative about them. And if real wrongs are being committed by them, the powers that be will likely not believe such charges.

Amazing, people won’t report because they’re terrified!

We have a perfect illustration of all this coming out of the UK just recently. A boy was being abused by his homosexual “parents” but no one believed him, simply because they were homosexual. The whole ugly story is worth recording, so I offer it here:

Hold on… it seems that the story has got out!  How did the ‘pink mafia’ let such ‘hate speech’ get into the media?  What went wrong with the bullying and intimidation from the homosexual militants?

You can read the report here.  It is really disturbing and tragic.  It’s a situation that should never have arisen.  I’d like to focus more on Uncle Billy’s words.

Wow, what a tragic story. But the real tragedy is, this is likely not an isolated incident. So fearful are most folks today of saying anything which might be seen as negative or critical about the homosexual lifestyle, that they will allow horrific scenarios like this to go unchecked or unreported.

No, that’s not right.  These are isolated incidents.  It has nothing to do with the fearful folk.  To suggest that professionals will let horrific scenarios go unchecked or unreported is just wrong and you know it.  Sure, someone fucked up here, but it can’t escape your view Uncle Billy that this incident is not unreported or unchecked.

The ugly face of PC censorship and homosexual intimidation has resulted in the mass of citizens in the West almost as afraid to say anything as they are in North Korea. We are allowing terrible abuses and injustices to take place because of fear of being politically incorrect and offending the homosexual lobby. This ought not to be my friends.

There’s no mention of intimidation in this report.  It went wrong when a social worker failed to do his job:

A social worker failed to report the allegations to a family court and instead called Cannon ‘a very caring parent who considered his children’s needs’.

To suggest from this that somehow people are as frightened as they might be in North Korea is just plain and simply wrong and an exaggeration   If that was the case, this story would never have seen the light of day.

You will notice that the story has been reported in the main stream media, a report has been written and tabled to the County Court, people have been jailed and the homosexual lobby (whatever the fuck that is) are not on the street protesting or calling for special considerations.  It would be fair to say that the media has not somehow hidden the truth.

Yes they certainly have become sacrosanct untouchables who can do no wrong. And they certainly do not give a rip about truth or empirical evidence. A friend just told me of how he was debating a homosexual who demanded evidence and references. My friend spent two hours providing just that, only to be told by his opponent that he was not interested in “cold, hard facts”!

So, Uncle Billy goes out of his way to show us all how untouchable the gay lobby is, how the media is doing its bit by hiding the truth about the ‘homosexual lifestyle’ and how people  are too scared to expose the truth.  He talks about truth and evidence, and even when an article about a gay couple who abused their child hits the main stream media he blinds his own bigotry and hatred of gay people by claiming the exact opposite.  A mistake was made, and yes, perhaps because of the sexuality of the parent, I don’t know.  The error has been exposed, the parents jailed and the man abused compensated.

When you are a politically protected species, you do not need truth or facts. You just go ahead and do whatever you want, because you are untouchable. That is exactly how a sadistic dictator like Kim Jong-Un goes about his business. We expect such tyrannical behaviour in places like North Korea, but not here in the supposed free West.

flippingthebirdIt would seem that even when the truth is slapping you in the face like a wet fish in a Monty Python sketch you can still ignore it and only see what you want.  If you want to see a protected species you only have to look at Uncle Billy’s brand of christianity.  He is very comfortable to make things up, skew a story to meet his own needs and then spew forth vile and reprehensible accusations about gay people, and get away with it.  He’s contention is that all gay people are paedophiles  the gays are out to take over the world and force christians like him to shut the fuck up.  He’s claiming that the militant homosexual lobby is the same as the North Korean government and uses the same tactics to subdue the population.  He again ignores the reality of gay life in Australia.  Still unable to get married, religion still has the right to belittle us and treat us as second class citizens and people like Muehlenberg still get to use his rights to free speech to write this crap.

Bill Muehlenberg again shows us how the narrow-minded bigot truly operates in a space that is devoid of reality.

He is the best example we have as to why religion is evil.


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4 Responses to Uncle Billy Shows us Why Religion is Evil

  1. Großgeil says:

    Well said Bruce. Unfortunately examples of child abuse are all too common – but not unique to either homosexual OR hetero relationships.

    Another more recent news story closer to home appeared in yesterday’s Age here: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/psychologist-breached-besotted-teen-girls-trust-20130401-2h2f4.html

    You have to wonder if Bill will use that as more anecdotal evidence of the evils of the GLBT community or if he will just shut up? The fact that the story got media attention at all defeats his assertion of censorship.

    I’m guessing he will make a big fuss about it.

    Nevertheless, he’s certainly not interested in any sort of investigation if there’s a suggestion that x-tian clergy might be involved: http://www.billmuehlenberg.com/2012/11/16/on-the-child-abuse-inquiry/

    Then it becomes “an anti-Catholic crusade”.

  2. morise says:

    this disgusts me and my religion i am speechless that people have enough heart to write and post things like this this is sickening and i am surprised that people are agreeing and that they don’t have enough common sense to see that is wrong and that it is just Jesus’ enemy talking through this man