Muehlenberg says the world’s about to end!


Billy the Mule’s latest attempt at preventing marriage equality is among the most offensive he’s ever written. Even the title is a language that needs to be shunned, or at the very least snipped from the internet, rolled up in a copy of the bible and force fed to  him.  To suggest that allowing marriage equality will lead to social suicide is really reprehensible as a turn of phrase.

Only rarely in human history are people allowed to take part in, or at least observe, transformations and revolutions which are far-reaching and earth-shattering.

He really believes that allowing two gay people to get married will be earth-shattering.  You know what’s earth shattering?  Flying planes into buildings.  How our lives have changed since then.  Tsunamis in Japan and the Indian Ocean, that’s earth shattering.  Earth quakes in Haiti.  The Cuban missile crisis, the overthrow of dictators, the slaughtering of millions of people, the destruction of rain forests, the financial crisis, the Mabo decision, the sacking of Gough… and on and on.  All these events in our world have far-reaching effects that have resounded through the lives of many in Australia and around the world.

Let’s look at what Billy is on about.  Marriage Equality.  He thinks that allowing everyone to get married is the end of the world.

We are in fact involved in one of the great cataclysmic events of our time. Never before in human history has parts of mankind declared war on something so fundamental and as pivotal as the institutions of marriage and family.

Cataclysmic?  A few gays getting hitched?  And where’s the war? I don’t see anyone out on the street, taking sides and killing others.  There’s no war going on here.  Nobody is talking about destroying anything, at all.  Nobody is saying that marriage as we know it must stop, men and women will continue to marry.

But in the West today militant minority groups… are doing all they can to obliterate marriage and family. And the even more incredible thing is that they are being aided and abetted by so many in high places.

Militant minority groups – that is, the ones that aren’t the ACL or the AFA, are not trying to obliterate marriage and family.  Marriage equality will not bring destruction down upon us.  It really won’t.

So many have simply remained silent, pretending none of this was taking place. In the same way the majority of church leaders did nothing and said nothing as the Nazis were climbing the political ladder in Germany. They refused to speak out, and when they may have wanted to do so later, it was then of course far too late.

Well no, it’s not that so many have ‘simply remained silent’, nor are they pretending it’s not taking place.  I rather suspect it’s a non issue.  It’s nothing like the Nazis in Germany, and shame on you, I mean really Muehlenberg, shame on you for even equating the current political debate about marriage equality with Hitler.  Hitler and the Nazis were rounding up Jews, gays, Romani and others that they considered undesirable and killing them.  This is not the same thing at all. Nobody is rounding up catholics and evangelical christians to kill them because they want marriage to stay the same.  That is an arsehole of a comparison.

Throughout human history heterosexual marriage and family have been the norm. Sure, there have been plenty of minor variations of the theme, but the basic fundamental structure of heterosexual marriage has always existed. Yet here we are, trying to redefine it out of existence.

Nobody is redefining marriage out of existence.  Nobody is saying that marriage between a man and a woman must stop.  Allowing another ‘minor variation’ will not stop people from marrying, and it certainly won’t stop them from breeding.

And I made it quite clear to the committee that destruction would indeed be the case. Sure, it will not happen overnight; such radical social changes may take many decades before we see the full effects and the very real negative fallout from all this.

Let me get this right, you made it clear to a Senate committee that allowing marriage equality will lead to the destruction of society as we know it, but not straight away… it will take decades…  based on what?

The evidence is overwhelmingly clear: whenever these radical laws are passed, everything changes. Everyone is impacted. Freedoms will be taken away, and the coercive power of the state will be used to get a resistant population to comply fully with the new world order.

Where has this happened?  Canada?  Nope, still a democracy, and one that’s moved back to the right.  Spain?  Nope, still a democracy, but they too have return a conservative government.  South Africa?  New Zealand?  Nowhere has marriage equality made the slightest bit of difference to the society in which it exists.

But you see, Bill has over forty newspaper articles that proves his point.  I haven’t seen the document where he lists those articles, but his blog has plenty of stories of oddity that he uses as if to say that this is the way the world is.  It would be a bit like me taking the story about the Austrian father and husband that kept his daughter locked in the basement for over twenty years.  From the story it should be clear to everyone that allowing men to marry women will lead to the sexual and physical abuse of the children and must be stopped.

To have to go into a government meeting to defend the most basic, the most natural, the most fundamental, the most universal, and the most historic social institutions of all time – marriage and family – demonstrates that we are just about kaput as a civilisation.

Defend what?  Marriage as you know and love it Billy boy, isn’t going anywhere.  It will remain the most fundamental and most universal institution of our time, it will just include men marrying men and women marrying women.  Even that slight tweak won’t change that those same men and women already live together and raise families.  Mostly those families turn out really well.  Just sometimes, like all relationships, they go ‘kaput’.

I feel compelled to leave you with a Douglas Adams quote from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Barman: Did you say the world is coming to an end? Shouldn’t we all lie on the floor or put paper bags over our heads?
Ford: If you like.
Barman: Will it help?
Ford: Not at all.

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One Response to Muehlenberg says the world’s about to end!

  1. Richie Craze says:

    Ha! Ha! Great work, Bruce.

    Billy the mule is so easy to ridicule. I was about to write a piece on this myself. I especially liked Billy’s “trump card” where he whips a fellow from out of his sleeve who used to sleep with men who now has a beard and children, sorry, “wife” and children. As if this proves anything other than this particular guy is suppressing his homosexual feelings. I wonder if his “wife” has a low sex drive? From what this man does with his private parts Bill thinks he can extrapolate from it that all gay people *choose* to have same-sex attraction, and therefore *could* change their sexuality on a whim and therefore *should* change their sexuality on a whim. Talk about overplaying one’s hand!

    This bit really made me chuckle: “When another group of pro-marriage speakers appeared after us, they received nothing of the hostility that we did. Why is it that I seem to bring out the hostility and heat in so many? I always thought I was a pretty nice guy!”

    Of all Billy’s delusions this is surely his crowning achievement? He runs a “ministry” for the sole purpose of spreading lies and hatred about gay people, spends all his time trying to prevent gay people from having any legal rights; and bullies and shouts down anyone who disagrees with *anything* he has to say. Yeah, Bill, you’re so cosy and warm, you big soft old bear, you…