Rhode Island takes a step – Catholic Bish is pissed


We’ve all heard about the news that New York State has finally seen the light and permitted marriage equality in their state, well just a bit further north and over to the right a bit, the state of Rhode Island has allowed civil unions.

The church is so up in arms!  The local bishop, Tobin, (and no, you can’t tell someone’s sexuality just based on his name.  Bruce is no more gay than Tobin) has issued a statement:

Statement of Bishop Tobin on the Approval of Civil Unions in Rhode Island

(PROVIDENCE, R.I.)-The Most Rev. Thomas J. Tobin, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, today released the following statement relative to the passage of legislation approving civil unions in Rhode Island.

Just to make sure you get that, he is the MOST REVEREND, oh, he’s last name is Tobin, I thought it was his first name.  Oh well, it’s still gay!

“I am deeply disappointed that Rhode Island will establish civil unions in our state.

I’m sorry to hear that you think anything that may make life more equal is deeply disappointing.

The concept of civil unions is a social experiment that promotes an immoral lifestyle,

More immoral than kiddie fucking priests that your church covers up?  Who are you to lecture anyone on morality.  Your church continues to allow people to live in poverty and die from AIDS because your stance doesn’t allow for birth control or use of condoms.

is a mockery of the institution of marriage as designed by God,

Marriage is designed by man, there is no god, you made that up.

undermines the well-being of our families, and poses a threat to religious liberty.

How does two guys getting hitched effect someone else’s family.  And what do you mean “our families” you don’t have children!  Nobody is asking you to grant civil unions, it has nothing do to with you.

In this context it is my obligation to remind Catholics of the teachings of the Church on this matter.

That’s right, it’s your obligation to tell catholics, remember that.  Not the rest of the world.

First, the Church continues to have respect and love for persons with same-sex attraction;

No you don’t you think they are gravely disordered and bound for hell.  Your holy book says a person who is gay is an abomination and should be put to death.

they are indeed children of God and our brothers and sisters in the human family.

I’m not the child of any fucked up god that created me and then wants me dead.  Fuckwit.

We pray for their well-being and offer them spiritual guidance and pastoral care.

As always, you can either pray or do something useful with your time.

We also extend our love and support to families of homosexual persons who sometimes struggle with this difficult emotional issue.

Perhaps they struggle with the whole notion because the underlying message you have for the families is that their child is a sinner and is going to burn in hell forever because they enjoy dick.  (Or muff)

At the same time, the Church reminds its members that homosexual activity is contrary to the natural law

Says who?  What’s unnatural is digging up metal out of the ground, shaping it into gold crosses and drapping them around your neck.  When did you become the scientific expert on what’s natural?

and the will of God and, therefore, is objectively sinful.

But there isn’t a god to have a will and sin is something you use to hit your followers over the head with.

Persons with same-sex attraction are required to live the Christian virtues of chastity and modesty, as all persons are.

Fuck off, you aren’t in a position to require anything of me.  I spit on your so called christian virtues that also allow you to live in a palace while people starve.

The importance of these virtues is clearly established in the Holy Scriptures and in the constant tradition of the Church.

Oh yeah, well that makes it all right.  A book written by goat herders, interpreted by virgins with no real life experience and imposed on their followers, makes sense.

Because civil unions promote an unacceptable lifestyle,

Nobody is asking you to do something that is unacceptable to you.

undermine the faith of the Church on holy matrimony,

Nobody is asking any of your followers to undertake a civil union, therefore it’s not really undermining anything at all is it?

and cause scandal and confusion,

Yep, the catholics know all about scandal and confusion.

Catholics may not participate in civil unions.

Last time I checked you can do whatever you want.  At this point, if you’re catholic, I’d be renouncing it.

To do so is a very grave violation of the moral law and, thus, seriously sinful.

That is the modern way of saying “You’re going to burn in hell motherfucker”

A civil union can never be accepted as a legitimate alternative to matrimony.

Yeah it can.  Get with it bish.

Can there be any doubt that Almighty God will, in His own time and way, pass judgment upon our state, its leaders and citizens, for abandoning His commands and embracing public immorality?

I have no doubt.  There is no god, there  is no judgement.  Again you’re trying to tell people they’ll burn in hell.  What a cunty attitude to have.

I encourage Catholics to pray for God’s patience, mercy and forgiveness in these distressing times.”

I encourage catholics to toss this wanker out of his palace, sell it and all his trappings and do something useful


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