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Plenty of Jesuses

[SOURCE] Sometimes all you need to do Uncle Billy is take the next step: There are in fact plenty of Jesuses out there. Most are the creation of men’s minds, instead of the Jesus of Scripture. Thus we have the hippy Jesus, the lefty Jesus, the social reformer Jesus, the good example Jesus, the social […]

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God Did It!

Should you spend your money on mocking science or get on and help those that need food?

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Lyle says Thy Will Be Done – just like he wants

[SOURCE] Over at the ACL our new bestest mate Straight Lyle is banging on about the lords prayer being said in Parliament.  The Greens are trying to get rid of the prayer.  He thinks it should stay, no surprises there, and there’s no surprises in what I think either. Since 1901, the prayer has been […]

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Jesus, Billy is missing out

[SOURCE] Oh I can feel the despair that good old Uncle Billy is feeling.  He’s gone all wishy-washy at the knees.  He’s just finished a 1453 word essay on the gospel and there isn’t an abortion or gay anywhere to be seen.  That’s remarkable. If you’re ready for a nap, go and have a read, […]

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The ACL guides us on appropriateness!

[SOURCE] The Australian Christian Lobby has questioned the use of taxpayers’ money to subsidise so-called art aimed at denigrating religion. Let me answer the question for you – taxpayers money is being spent on a fringe festival, not specifically on just one show.  It’s one of the things that governments do.  You know, like when […]

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Christians Have a Home!

[SOURCE] It’s all happening for the Australian Christian Party this month. They have a new office!  Woo hoo. The gala opening attended by 3 people and a photographer was call “historic” and their new address is PO Box 258, Croydon Vic 3136.  Hang on, they have an office in a post box?  Maybe they’re worried and […]

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Are you a Virgin?

[SOURCE] Something that christians like Great Uncle Billy the Not So Virgin Like to ask is “Are you a virgin?” Sex is very important to him and when you have it with someone else is also really important because as far as Great Uncle Billy, NSVL, is concerned you can only have sex when you’re […]

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Pastor Danny is Wailing and Screaming at the Sky

[SOURCE] Here we are in October and New South Wales are in the grip of a major catastrophe with bush fires burning out of control, causing much destruction. The tragic events brings religious nutters out of their homes to invoke the name of their god to help.  I blogged about the recent activities of our […]


Nalliah calls for Rain Dance to douse Bushfires

[SOURCE] Bushfires are raging in New South Wales, but the weather may be about to change. It's pouring in Lithgow! #NSWFires @ABCNews24 — Michael Rowland (@mjrowland68) October 22, 2013 Which is good news. Our defeated Senator candidate, Pasta Danny had a dream! I told him that I would pray through the night and if God […]

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Nasty Attacks on Other Persons!

[SOURCE] You have to love it when in one sentence our old mate Great Uncle Billy the Mule Faced Bigot can sum himself up so well. The more controversial an issue, the more likely that common sense, rationality, and sound analysis will go right out the window. And in the very next sentence I can’t […]

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