Are you a Virgin?


Something that christians like Great Uncle Billy the Not So Virgin Like to ask is “Are you a virgin?”

Sex is very important to him and when you have it with someone else is also really important because as far as Great Uncle Billy, NSVL, is concerned you can only have sex when you’re married.  He ignores that forever people have had sex in and out of marriage, even his own god got a single woman pregnant, although apparently she was still a virgin afterwards.  And who can forget Lot wanting to send his virgin daughters out to be raped by the townsfolk.  Virginity is high up on the list of godly things.

So, Great Uncle Billy NSVL asks:

So what is it with people publicly selling their virginity nowadays? Have we sunk that far as a culture that people have to take the wonderful gift of sex and degrade it in such a way, just to get their 15 minutes of fame?

I’ve seen billboards everywhere about young people wanting to sell their first bonking rights, haven’t you?  And why is sex a gift?  It’s just what we do.  Yes, it’s bloody good fun and makes you feel good.  But it’s hardly a gift.  Maybe I can start wrapping a ribbon around my people poker and giving it away as a gift.

Human sexuality is an intensely beautiful yet private affair – or at least should be.

Actually human sexuality isn’t so private,  every time you walk down the street with the good Mrs Great Uncle Billy who we assume is no virgin, you declare your sexuality.  Every time I kiss my love llama I declare my sexuality.  Sometimes we do it right out in the public.  Kiss that is.  Sex may be private but even then it’s sort of readily available for those who don’t want much privacy.

Yet when it is paraded all over the world it is cheapened, coarsened, and dragged through the mud. Of course our culture as a whole has done a terrific job of trivialising sex, and turning this act into a mere circus sideshow. So these latest moves should not surprise us.

Oh yes, side-show.  Prostitution, rape, rape inside marriage, forced marriages to have the right blood lines, sex is such a well-regarded thing Billy.  What a crappy over simplified view of the world he has.

If you are not aware of what I am referring to, consider these two recent examples. The first concerns a Siberian teenager. The story goes like this: “A Russian teenager who sold her virginity through an online auction site has been given the go-ahead by police to seal the deal.

still-virginTwo recent examples?  You asked what is it with people selling their virginity, parading it all around the world and you give us two examples?  You ask if we have sunk so far that sex is degraded and you give us two examples, and one of them isn’t even about selling virginity.  Methinks you may be getting a bit excited by this Billy.

Anyway, I’ll spare you the article, in a nutshell some Siberian woman wants to sell her virginity and she’s not breaking any laws.  The way Billy carries on you’d think everyone in the world was selling their first shag.  And big deal.  It’s not like unscrupulous people haven’t been marketing virgins.   If some one wants to sell it off, why the hell not!  Wish I had thought of it, I’d have made a pretty penny or two when I had a full head of Llama fur.

And an English example from last month is even more revolting. Consider this story: “A gay student plans to lose his virginity live on stage – all in the name of art. Clayton Pettet, a 19-year-old art student at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, plans to have gay sex in front of a crowd of between 50 and 100 people in London on Jan. 25, 2014, for a project called ‘Art School Stole My Virginity,’ according to the Daily Star. He and his anonymous partner will have sex until completion and then hold a Q&A with the audience afterward.

So, for some strange reason, this rather out there ‘gay’ individual is going to have his first ‘gay’ sex on stage.  It’s in the name of art, so it’s ok.  No one is being harmed, it’s not like Clayton is going to be able to do it more than once.  I can’t see an issue here.  Again, it’s one virgin having sex on stage in the name of art.  Not the whole world.

So what can one say? One is left dumbfounded by the sexual perversion and moral freefall occurring all around us.

How about you say nothing?  No one is asking you to go to the play or to buy a young girls virginity.  It’s not clear just what the sexual perversion is.  Granted, both are a little different and odd, but it’s not the same as having sex with a rampant alpaca now is it?  There is nothing perverse here.  One girl wants to have sex with a man and get some money for it, one man wants to have sex with his boy friend on stage.  Nothing perverse as such.

The really tragic thing is nobody seems to be shocked by this sort of stuff anymore. No one seems to care and even raise an eyebrow about such things.

But I think that’s where  you are wrong, people are shocked, or at the very least raising an eyebrow.  The reason this even makes the news is because it’s different, odd, unusual.  If it was as common as getting a speeding ticket then we’d never hear about it.  However, it’s still a non-issue.  We all fuck and we all do it for the first time.  For 99.99% of the population it’s with someone special, that first time, for the rest of us its a bit more out there.  That is indeed remarkable in the current culture.  When you can buy a virgin on the street or get two for the price of one, then we can talk about moral outrage.  We’d need to be charging GST for starters.

Our culture has reached such a point of moral and spiritual disintegration that we read an item like this in the newspaper as we would the daily weather report. Our capacity to exhibit some moral outrage at our decadent and dying society seems to have all but disappeared.

Our culture is disintegration because two people are loosing their virginity is unconventional ways? Really?  And what point has been reached?  Two people.  TWO FUCKING PEOPLE, that’s it.  The suggestion that you read it like you read the weather report is laughable.  I’m not sure what’s sadder, that you still get your weather from the newspaper or that you think this story is mundane everyday life.

How many more young lives must be ruined before we wake up as a culture and start saying enough is enough?

Two young people are doing it, and just maybe this will be the thing that enhances their lives.  Our Russian friend will no doubt move to a bigger and better place and perhaps get a decent education with her winnings, and the gay stage-fucking homosexual may be the next Superman.  Who knows.  It’s doubtful that their lives will be in ruin because the Great Uncle Billy NSVL doesn’t approve of sexy things.

What is a really good case for enough is enough however, is for ratbags like Great Uncle Billy NSVL taking the high road in some mock outrage.  Pretending to care about things that don’t actually matter.  Perhaps he could spend some time considering how to help the 9.3 million people in Syria that need humanitarian assistance.

May your first fuck be glorious.

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