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Hitchens Dies

[SOURCE] There’s plenty out there to read about Christopher Hitchens.  I’ve read some of his stuff and it was good.  So I read it again.  Now he’s dead. The christians however, can’t help themselves.  Now they’re saying crazy whacky things like:  “My friend Christopher Hitchens has died. I loved & prayed for him constantly & […]

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Killing people

[SOURCE] Blasphemy is a capital offence in Pakistan. They want to hang a woman because she said bad things about an imaginary god. She’s married. Has 5 children. Her family is in hiding. Why is there even a question about whether or not she deserves the death penalty?  This is stupid, stupid, stupid.  More stupid […]


To Die as we wish

Religion again tries to force it’s belief systems on those of us that don’t believe. Again they try to pretend they have the moral authority to dictate how the rest of us live and die.

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Mark Rabich is a bit rabid

This llama is currently engaged in a conversation of sorts with Mark Rabich1, it’s a Facebook discussion that goes backwards and forwards and really gets nowhere.  We have two very different views of the world, he’s is based on accepting that the bible is the word of god, his god, and that everything should sprout […]


Canberra crash. Who is to blame?

[SOURCE]. This is truly horrific. A 23 year old man, allegedly steals a car, takes his girlfriend for spin, he’s spotted by the Police, he runs a red light, slams into another car killing three other people, a couple and their young child. The mother of the only surviving person, (the girlfriend of the driver) […]

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Pray Pell, Pray

[SOURCE] Cardinal George Pell Hell, thinks that if you pray, god will cure your cancer. “Yes, obviously (cancer can be cured by prayer),” Cardinal Pell told ABC television today. Obviously you are the ultimate wishful thinker George.  Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia, this year 42,000 are expected to die from the […]

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Thank U god

Twitter is a wonderful thing.  You can find out all sorts of information. There are always trending topics – a subject that a number of people are tweeting about.  I like today’s it was called #thankugod. There were about 100 messages a minute coming in thick and fast. I followed it for much of the […]


Jesus wants you to suffer

[SOURCE] I made comment on Desiring god blog here.  A really crappy blog that attempts to help you desire god. Reading through the blog I came across the article about not wasting your cancer.  Its seems that the lord bastard is keen on making you suffer for your own good, and you should not waste […]

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Michael Jackson Dead

So, he’s snuffed it at 50. This Llama waits to see how this will be treated.  The 450 + articles on Google news seem quite clear that it’s a dramatic departure from life, the word ‘rush’ ‘unexpected’ and ‘suffering’ seem to come up a lot. Will this be another media frenzy, will there be another […]

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How to get action

Kingston Mayor’s aunt killed in Clayton railway line accident – Emergency Services – News | Mordialloc Chelsea Leader. Death comes to all of us.  You just never know when.  An elderly woman, crossing the railway line was struck by a train and died.  A truly horrible event, preventable in two ways, proper barriers and due […]

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