Killing people


Blasphemy is a capital offence in Pakistan.

They want to hang a woman because she said bad things about an imaginary god.

She’s married.

Has 5 children.

Her family is in hiding.

Why is there even a question about whether or not she deserves the death penalty?  This is stupid, stupid, stupid.  More stupid than a bunch of randy alpacas pretending to be llamas.

Nobody gets hurt by blasphemy.  Allah doesn’t get so pissed off that he causes floods.  Jesus doesn’t get so pissed off that he causes earthquakes, god doesn’t get so pissed off that he cause tsunamis.  That just doesn’t happen.

And as if these great deities of our own invention aren’t big and brave enough to smote those that they have a problem with.

Stupid bullshit crap.

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2 Responses to Killing people

  1. prayforrain says:

    Islam is the religion that can’t play peacefully with the other kids in the playground, yet it is still described as a religion of peace.

  2. Christianity is described as… oh, who cares, it’s the same as Islam. They’re both manure, the one is horse manure and the other is the slightly more offensive smelling pig manure.

    All religion is equally offensive, and so we should all say.

    Also, llamas give birth standing. Birth is usually quick and problem free, over in less than 30 minutes.