‘Miracle’ Baby


And I thought the christians had the market cornered in miracles.  This poor little 9 month old baby from Russia’s south has text from the koran ‘appear’ on his leg every couple of days.

It says things like ‘Allah is great’.

It’s a miracle to bring peace.

Stupid fuckers.  Why the fuck would allah want to talk to his people by printing words on a kids leg.  What’s next?  Verses in toast?  Unexplained singing from rocks?  For fuck sake.

2000 people have lined up in the village give to give homage to the poor kid.

Just remind me again, is this the 21st century?  Maybe we slipped a bit during daylight saving and went back 300 years.

I wonder if there is a child protection agency in southern Russia.  I’d be looking for felt tip pens.

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