Indonesia and christian Relief Groups


As the death toll continues to rise, Christian relief agencies face steep challenges as they try to meet the demands of several natural disasters throughout Indonesia. One of these challenges is balancing faithfulness to the Great Commission and humanitarian aid.

The death toll continues to rise….. the challenge….. faithfulness to the Great Commission?

Let me get this right, people need help, real help, life saving help and you want to preach the fucking gospel? The Great Commission is the silly christian notion that jesus told them to spread their vile nasty religion to everyone in the world, so now they have a dilemma, how to actually do something useful, i.e. help someone or how to do some thing useless i.e. tell them about jesus.

“It isn’t necessarily helpful when a ministry spokesperson gets on television and spouts off about the Gospel,” said Rusty Goodwin, Director of Communication for World Help. “Sometimes you have to work in stealth mode and be sensitive to the culture – to achieve long term success.”

Stealth mode?  Sensitive to the culture?  Long term success?  What the fuck is this? You do understand that the Indonesian people may be at the lowest point in their lives and you think its a good idea to drop into some sort of stealth mode to slip jesus in under radar.  You cunts, jesus fucking christ, these people are suffering and you want to talk about god to them? You bunch of silly bible bashing toss pots.

“It does stir up persecution. It is mostly out of fear because they don’t understand. But the Lord promised that persecution would come as part of the price of preaching the Gospel.”

So you encourage some poor sod who you have ‘helped’ to accept little baby jesus as their lord, then that poor sod is persecuted by his neighbours because he switched sides.  So not only has he lost everything in the earthquake but now he’s ostracize and you then turn around and tell him that’s ok because jesus said it was ok and then you fuck off back home to your warm bed and ample supplies of food.

May your testicles be boiled in a billy and feed to the ducks.

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