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The ACL have been busy getting themselves organised for the upcoming election, Jim Wallace, the most upstanding and righteous person in Australia, closer to his god than even Archbishop Hell, organised to get KRudd and The Rabbit into the same space to talk about all things christian. It was a secret meeting, unless you paid the ACL $150 for the honour of seeing the broadcast, sent directly into your church.

It was all about making sure that the pollies knew to support christian ideals, you know, keep the poor poor, keep the gays hidden, keep the asylum seekers out, make sure you still open parliament with the lords prayer and other sectarian bullshit.

It was a real love fest, our glorious leaders letting the glorious christian leaders know that they are all on the same side, and fuck anyone that wasn’t christian, because we all know how important jesus and god are to Australia, fuck anyone that doesn’t believe, and fuck anyone who has belief in some other stupid retarded god, this is god we’re talking about, the one who gave his life for us, so the least the self appointed moral guardians of the world can do is ask the important questions of our pollies.

I like An Onymous Lefty’s take on the story, it’s well worth a read:

And everytime somebody criticises George Pell or doesn’t give him what he wants, an angel dies

Here was an ideal opportunity for Krudd and The Rabbit to ask some tough questions of the ‘esteemed’ religious leaders present, they need to ask these questions:

  1. What is your church doing to ensure that none of it’s employees have an opportunity to sexual or physically abuse or rape its members?
  2. How is your church assisting and compensating those who have been raped by your kiddie fuckers?
  3. Has your church ensured that all those suspected or guilty of rape have been investigated by an independent authority, like the Police?
  4. How will your church ensure that it truly helps the poor of the nation
  5. How will your church continue to fund itself when we remove your tax exempt status?
  6. What plans do you have in place to treat all Australians as equals so that gay and lesbian citizens have the same employment rights as other staff

And what about the rest of us. Now that Krudd and The Rabbit have been along to a religious meeting, how about fronting up to something secular, addressing those of us, and there is rather a lot, that have no believe in fanciful tales of an afterlife or supermen flying around the cosmos picking on homosexuals or Greens. What would be the questions we’d ask? How will you pander to our requirements that there be a true separation of church and state? Why must we be subjected to rules and laws created to meet the needs and requirements of the faithful while our needs are set aside?

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I’m not voting for anyone who thinks god is a good idea.

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