The bible is rubbish


On Sunday our lovely PM said she didn’t support gay marriage, I blogged about it here.

Of course, Jim Wallace over at ACL is wetting himself with glee.  He’s got a warm feeling because

her recognition that the Bible is worth studying because it underpins much of western literature

Sane people understand the bible is a collection of stories that have very little value outside religion.  Sane people understand that the bible is not a historical record.  Sane people understand that the bible can not be used as justification for making laws for everyone.

…and the place of the Bible in shaping so much that is good about modern Australian society

Good?  You use the bible to force religion into schools, you use the bible to discriminate against gay people, you use the bible to refuse people the right to die, you use the bible to prevent abortion, you use the bible to  limit scientific research.  For fuck sake,  the bible has no place in law making.

It’s time to question what good the bible is in our modern society, you know what I think?  Why don’t you take your stupid fucking book and piss on it.

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One Response to The bible is rubbish

  1. It’s a fucking travesty is what it is. You cannot be an atheist and believe the Bible underpins anything but bigotry, suffering and stupidity. Has she READ the fucking Bible? Seriously?

    Since Aussieland is all for the Bible, does she have a problem with the Aussie soldiers around the world taking the nice virgin daughters of the people they fight for themselves? No? Well why the fuck not? Hypocrite.

    How about a nice homosexual stoning in Sydney this weekend? Also not? Strange.

    Let’s see… I know! Let’s go buy a bunch of Africans and keep them as slaves! Beat them a bit, make them work, it will be awesome!

    No? But, like, the Bible, it underpins our culture, surely?

    Bloody idiot.