Wally Does it Again!


Earlier in the week our mate Wally was on Sunrise, comparing Kerryn Phelps and the marriage equality campaign to the Nazis.  Read up about this with my bear friend Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear, gay rights activist Michael Barnett on the support website, Aleph and of course the wonderfully delightful Gregory Storer.

Then time warp yourself to Weekend Sunrise if you can bear it, watch the video at source link above.  The panel discussion, called “Same Sex Marriage, Why are so many christians opposed?” has two priests and our mate Wally.  The blokes from the catholic and anglican churches are fairly boring religious types.  I didn’t think much of either of them.

I want to focus on Wally, coz I like to focus on him, he seems to attract a lot of attention.

At the top of the segment, the host, Andrew O’Keefe starts with this introduction:

The ACL asked their members to complain to the Seven Network and its sponsors, as of yesterday Sunrise had received more than 15,000 emails about 90% of which where negative, i.e. opposed to Same Sex Marriage, in contrast the I Do campaign did received more than 40,000 message of support for the show.

Yes, indeed, people did complain to Channel Seven and to the sponsors, compare this with the response from the ACL in February 2011 when some people complained about the ANZ bank and IBM supporting Online Opinion that got some bad press because of their comments moderation policy:

“Anyone involved in trying to defend marriage and the natural structures of family against this lobby, is used to the stream of vitriol and abuse that greets any view contrary to their agenda,” said ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace, “but the silencing of alternate views through On Line Opinion, and who knows what other social and conventional media, is beyond the pail in a democratic society.”

“But we should be especially appalled that ANZ and IBM would submit to the clear tactic of this very aggressive Lobby to close down debate on a very important issue,” said Mr Wallace “and especially when the public at large had no way of knowing that the debate was being censored and would not have expected it to be on a forum for debate of as high standing as On Line Opinion,”.

Correct me if I’m wrong here Wally, but didn’t you try to shut down the debate on this very important issue by asking your aggressive supporters to lobby the TV station and their sponsors?  Aren’t you trying the same tactics to censor those who oppose your view?

But, wait, he’s got more:

“If we are to have a full debate on this issue it must be that,” said Mr Wallace, “not one closed down by abuse and deceptive tactics or corporate pressure and collusion to limit free speech, as we have seen used here by homosexual activists and their apparent allies.“

Feel free to roll your eyes.

Back to the show on Saturday.


Now Jim as I’ve mentioned at the top of the segment, we’ve had a lot of response about this over the course of the week. many of the responses are pretty much cut and paste variants of the email that you have sent from your lobby. There are some that have been extremely vitriolic I have to say, what do you say to those who want to make their views known about this?

See that, the fact is that the ACL have asked people to send emails to Sunrise, some of those are vitriolic. What do you say Wally?

Well certainly I’d be very surprised if those are coming from christians, I’d be very disappointed,

You must be disappointed then.  You call for christians to send the emails and then you want to distance yourself from them?  So anyone sending a vitriolic email must be from the other side?

I mean we have people on our websites all the time that come on and pose as christians and then end up proving themselves not, usually by the language.

Oh, so now you’re the victim are you Wally?  Over 15,000 emails are sent to Sunrise, 90% negative and you have people attacking you on your website!  Anybody that uses bad language can’t possibly be christian.  They are all just pretending to be christian. You fuckwit.

We have had to trash in the last week around 100 emails that have just been vitriolic, vile language, so I very much doubt that those are coming from christians,

100 emails!  Fuck me!  Only 100 emails that can’t be christian because they use vitriolic language.  O’Keefe said that 90% of their emails were negative and some of them quite vitriolic.  You claim that they’re not christians and suggest that they are probably gay people pretending to be christian just to make a point.

and there’s a lot of deception around this debate, but I would certainly encourage christians to stand up, we’ve certainly encouraged them to do that,

Yes, there’s a lot of deception.  Mostly from the ACL – you guys want the world to be dictated by your values and everyone else can go stick their head up a dead bears bum (not Gladly)

we don’t agree with Sunrise taking on the role of a n activist organisation, partnering itself so visibly and publicly with Getup! in particular, which is constantly issuing emails which only this week for instance said that those that oppossed gay marriage were propergaters of hate, know there’s no place for this in the public square, from either side of the debate.

That’s right Wally, there’s no place for hate, and yet you willingly bring into the debate the chief propagator of Nazi propagander machine and compare the gay rights campaign to his campaign.  You arsehole.

You say there is no room for hate in the public square, but you allow comments like this on your blog:

The problem is that when society turns away from God evil thrives. The Bible states that in the end evil will be seen as good and good will be seen as evil. We are arriving at this truth.

That’s right, anyone who doesn’t believe in your god is evil.  Because I don’t believe in your god I’m evil thriving.   Or perhaps this is one of those people who aren’t really a christian Wally?  Maybe you forgot to ditch this comment?

Wally, you may not say that you think gay people are evil, you may pretend to be all christian and nice, but at the end of the day Wally, your brand of christianity thinks that gay people are evil.  You think that evil people go to hell for all eternity, then you make believe that it’s the fault of the person, they deserve to burn forever.   You think being gay, wanting marriage equality is the work of the devil and must be stopped.

Your hate for anything ‘gay’ is just below the surface Wally.

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  1. They act more like the Australian un-Christian Lobby.