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God Did It!

Should you spend your money on mocking science or get on and help those that need food?

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Hockey hates the poor!

[SOURCE] So, would be Treasurer blasts our entitlement attitude.  Too much social welfare! Arsehole. It seems pretty clear to me that this is another swipe at those less able to fend for themselves, find a job, get a start in life, help in their old age, those with a disability and many other ways that […]

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The True Meaning of Christmas

[SOURCE] Let us ask the Lord to help us see through the superficial glitter of this season, and to discover behind it the child in the stable in Bethlehem, so as to find true joy and true light. So says the Supreme Pontiff (which sounds vaguely like some sort of pizza) as he sat there resplendent with […]

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Church and gay saunas

[SOURCE] So, there use to be this place in Melbourne called Steamworks,it was a sauna for the gays.  But it’s gone. Now a church has bought the land and they’re going to develop it. The Coptic Orthodox Church wants to erect a 42 storey tower, how excitement. The new centre would provide a place of worship […]

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Chinese die for your Ipad

[SOURCE] Last year I blogged about Foxconn.  They make Ipads for our consummation.  The workers in the Foxconn factory commit suicide.  They leap out of the buildings to kill themselves because of the way they are treated.  Foxconn’s response, wasn’t to make conditions better for the workers, it was to put nets up, probably so they […]


Muehlenberg’s Folly

Who has the twisted ethics? Christians! Mulehead again shows his arrogance by ignoring those already alive.

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Iran and the Olympics.

So Iran don’t want to come out to play any more.

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Sainthood – here I come!

MFM, Cardinal Hell and Pope Benndydick are busy saying magic words and cross dressing, meanwhile, the people are poor, starving and dieing. That’s ok, as long as we have some new saints.

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Help someone who needs it

Dressed in his splendid expensive white garments, the pope visits Britain, apparently unaware that the cost of his clothes alone could feed a small nation. So much for his vow of poverty.


Politics and jesus – The ACL

The ACL have been busy getting themselves organised for the upcoming election, Jim Wallace, the most upstanding and righteous person in Australia, closer to his god than even Archbishop Hell, organised to get KRudd and The Rabbit into the same space to talk about all things christian. It was a secret meeting, unless you paid […]

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