Sainthood – here I come!

So, it’s finally here. Today. Australia gets its first saint. I can feel my furry chest swelling with great pride and emotion… no wait, that’s a build up of phlegm.

Mary Fucking MacKillop was a nun. She was trying to provide education to the poor. Perhaps she did it really well. I don’t know.

I don’t know just how worthy MFM1 is of all this rubbish about sainthood. For all I know she was a manipulative horrible nun that spent her time trying to further her own career and make her life more comfortable, or she was a genuine person out to help those less fortunate than herself. She may be a hero, I don’t know and I don’t care.

But… when toss pots like Cardinal Hell saying inane things like this:

“Australians overwhelmingly are good people, but we need to be reminded of the reality of the supernatural, of the importance of God, the reality of life after death, the importance of spiritual values,” he said. [SOURCE]

I have to respond.
Point 1: Australians are overwhelmingly good people… well duh. Most people are good, Australian or otherwise, we all understand we must have some empathy towards others to get on in life.
Point 2: We need to be reminded of the reality of the supernatural. Fuck you. Show us the supernatural, just because you can wear a dress doesn’t mean that there’s anything supernatural going on.
Point 3: Reality of life after death… wait on, what reality, when was the last time someone who had died actually communicated with you? Are you hearing voices?
Point 4: Importance of spiritual values… ummm, the what? Spiritual values? How are they determined, and by whom. Oh wait, you get to determine them.

This stupid devotion to dead people really has to stop. The evil Pope and his cohort Cardinal Hell are in Rome to say the magic words to make MFM a fucking saint. Thousands of people have gone to Rome to view the whole show, and a stage show it is. Meanwhile, people continue to starve, people continue to die from unnecessary disease and MFM and the rest of her saintly tribe sit at the right hand of god and do fucking nothing other than pick some poor random catholic who muttered their name a couple of times and heal them.

It’s horrible, really horrible. It’s about time we got on with helping the living and forgot about the dead, because, well, they’re dead, and can’t help anything or anyone any more.

Shame on all of you for wasting the earths valuable resources and ignoring the plight of so many people the world over just so you can sing the praises of dead people who would have much prefer you spent the money on actually doing something useful.

  1. MFM = Mary Fucking MacKillop
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