Pell is sorry?


Cardinal Hell, his grace the most graceful of grace sort of said on the telly last week that he thought the jews were intellectually inferior to the advanced civilisations around them.  That’s why  god chose them as his special friends, with benefits, so he could fuck them over and they wouldn’t know.  He didn’t want to give his divine word to the Egyptians, cos they might ask too many questions.

he also suggested that ”no people in history were [as severely] punished as the Germans were”, apparently ignoring the Holocaust, for which the Germans were punished.

Oh yeah, coz dropping two nukes on Japan was of course a doddle for the Japanese. But that’s ok.  They’re not christian.

Hell is more bent on paying homage to his boss, who happens to be German, than he is in carrying any sense of social justice to the jewish people, non-christians and atheists.

Cardinal Pell in a silly dress

You want us to take you seriously. Nice Frock


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