Vatican makes a saint


I wrote about a guy waking up from a coma back in April, for 8 months his family had been praying to Mary Mackillop and wow, she woke him up.

Now pope benndydick is all set to make her a real saint.  It seems that some nutters have been praying to this dead person and this praying has cured cancer.  That is enough to make her a saint, the dead person, not the one that formerly had cancer, she’s just lucky that modern medicine has helped her out, but don’t give them the credit let the credit go to a dead person.  Here’s a lesson for you catholics, dead people just rot, they don’t come back and they don’t hang around watching over you and at any point perform a miracle just because you said a few magic words.

To be a saint you need a few criteria, you have to be dead is the important one, you have to have been wonderful while you were not dead, and once you are dead you have to perform two miracles, that’s the hard bit, doing shit when you’re dead.

The Josephite Sisters held a 24-hour prayer vigil for the lives of Trishna and Krishna, conjoined Bangladeshi twins who were recently separated during surgery in Melbourne. The girls survived the marathon surgery, a fact the sisters attributed in part to Mother Mary’s intercession.

Oh please, why attribute that to Mary Mackillop?  I said a few words to a cane toad I saw, why not credit the cane toad, you can’t prove it wasn’t the cane toad and not Mary that did the miracle.  Better yet, why not credit the great skill of the doctors and medical team that spent 27 fucking hours operating.

The big question in all of this is why co-join children, why give people cancer, why allow people to fall into long comas?  Is god so powerless that he can’t control the world and has to rely on us to pray to a dead person and have the dead person relay the request to god so he can then offer a cure and have the dead person given the credit while those still living get nothing?  Why didn’t god just prevent the situation in the first place.

So lets get all excited now, Australia is going to have a saint.  There will be much wanking and doe-eyed misty tears as we head down the path of making a saint, a giant PR stunt by the church to boost it’s flagging numbers and somebody will be making money out of it.

All this adoration of dead people is very sweet, but really, why not spend time helping the living.  You know, the poor people.  Maybe the Congregation of the Causes of Saints could spend some time out in the community focussing on the real issues of poverty in the world instead of looking backwards and telling us all how good a dead person was, they could come up with ideas on how to disburse some of the vast resources that the vatican holds.

I don’t know much about Mary Mackillop.  No doubt in her own way she was a stunning person who achieved much in her time.  No doubt she should be acknowledged as a good person for her deeds.  However, she’s just a dead person, its very wishful thinking that she is doing anything at all.

Take a good hard look at yourself.  Dead people do nothing.

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  1. What about fertilizer? 🙂

  2. Bruce Llama says:

    Good idea Sean. Perhaps we can hasten the process with a few other good manure heaps….

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