Arnold Jago shows us his love


Arnie “Sweetie” Jago

Arnold Jago is a doctor from Mildura, which is in North West Victoria.

He’s one of those catholics that think the Inquisition was a pretty good idea and we should do it again.

He runs a website called The Real Mary MacKillop and has even written a book about Mary Fucking MacKillop.

Part of the MFM site is his blog, where he loves to suck up to popes and priests.  He’s latest offering:

160-plus members of the National Council of Priests of Australia are in Warrnambool for a convention.

Let’s hope that the convention covers how to handle the abuse of children and the cover up of the church.

A guest speaker is “outspoken” British priest, Father Timothy Radcliffe.
Fr Radcliffe is in trouble with the Pope.
Here is a quote from one of his addresses:
“We begin by standing by gay people, as they hear the voice of the Lord that summons them to a life of happiness. We accompany them as they wrestle with discovering what this means and how they should walk etc.”
Standing by? Accompanying them as they wrestle? What is he talking about?

You know, Arnie baby, he’s talking about letting people know that it’s ok to be gay.  He’s helping them over come the religious bigotry that exists and that people like you continue to perpetuate.

If the Catholic Priests of Australia really love people with same-sex attractions – with a selfless love as God’s children — why not tell them the truth?

The truth that their god created them gay perhaps?  The truth that they were created in his image?

Why not remind them that the Church has always taught that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered, contrary to Natural Law, under no circumstances to be approved?

Oh, yeah, that’s love.  Let’s throw out all the good science and instead rely on the ramblings of an old virgin because that’s how you show love.  Calling people disordered and against nature is a sure way to build up the confidence in gay people.  The church is clearly wrong on this.  Time to grow up Arnie honey.

If priests instead condone homosexual acts and same-sex “marriage” — giving their blessing to public commitments to a lifetime of disordered activity—are they truly Catholic?

Priests seem to condone child abuse, are happy to cover up for their fellow ministers, but instead you want to talk about condoning homosexual acts, and not in a good way.  Instead you focus on a perfectly natural expression of people’s sexuality by calling it disordered.  It’s time that priests and the faithful asked the question Arnie sweetie, if the catholic church is wrong (and it is) on matters of sexuality, what’s the point in being catholic?

Time to give it up.

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