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Pray for all powerful peace

[SOURCE] Prayer is all-powerful. Let us use it to bring peace to the Middle East and peace to the world. #weprayforpeace — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) June 7, 2014 Did you know that the pope did twitter? This tweet has been re-tweeted about 6,000 times, not bad I guess.  Franky-poo seems to have over 4 million […]

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Lyle says Thy Will Be Done – just like he wants

[SOURCE] Over at the ACL our new bestest mate Straight Lyle is banging on about the lords prayer being said in Parliament.  The Greens are trying to get rid of the prayer.  He thinks it should stay, no surprises there, and there’s no surprises in what I think either. Since 1901, the prayer has been […]

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Nalliah calls for Rain Dance to douse Bushfires

[SOURCE] Bushfires are raging in New South Wales, but the weather may be about to change. It's pouring in Lithgow! #NSWFires @ABCNews24 — Michael Rowland (@mjrowland68) October 22, 2013 Which is good news. Our defeated Senator candidate, Pasta Danny had a dream! I told him that I would pray through the night and if God […]

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Sacerdotus imparts his godly wisdom on the Lame

Sacerdotus has been the subject of a couple of my recent blogs.  He’s decided to answer me on his blog.  He’s done what I do, pulls apart my words sentence by sentence.  So, I’ve grabbed a couple of his sentences and done the same thing.  If you want to get the jist of his answers, you […]

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Jesus Heals Cancer

Really? How silly it is to make such a grand claim, while at the same time telling those with cancer that they should continue with their treatment provided by medical services. So, on one hand, you can have the nutters at the Equippers Church in Napier, New Zealand tell you that jesus will cure you, […]


The True Meaning of Christmas

[SOURCE] Let us ask the Lord to help us see through the superficial glitter of this season, and to discover behind it the child in the stable in Bethlehem, so as to find true joy and true light. So says the Supreme Pontiff (which sounds vaguely like some sort of pizza) as he sat there resplendent with […]

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Christians unite in prayer for countries affected by climate change

[SOURCE] What?  Say that again: Christians unite in prayer for countries affected by climate change That’s what I thought you said. Christians around the world have joined in prayer on Sunday for poor countries that are already experiencing the negative effect of climate change. For over 2000 years christians have prayed for world peace, look […]

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How God Saves the Day

[SOURCE] Young man, Daniel Jang, was driving home one wet dark night when he took a corner too quickly, his car spun around and ended up on the footpath.  Luckily for him, his seat belt held him in place and good road construction prevented him from flying over the edge of a bridge. Sliding momentum […]

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Rhode Island takes a step – Catholic Bish is pissed

[SOURCE] We’ve all heard about the news that New York State has finally seen the light and permitted marriage equality in their state, well just a bit further north and over to the right a bit, the state of Rhode Island has allowed civil unions. The church is so up in arms!  The local bishop, […]

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Prayer Warriors and Demons – CTFM

Read the story of how one cult uses it’s warriors against another cult. It’s all demons and prayer warriors for jesus!

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