Sacerdotus imparts his godly wisdom on the Lame

Sacerdotus has been the subject of a couple of my recent blogs.  He’s decided to answer me on his blog.  He’s done what I do, pulls apart my words sentence by sentence.  So, I’ve grabbed a couple of his sentences and done the same thing.  If you want to get the jist of his answers, you can find the full blog here.  And I haven’t answered every point that he’s made.  I’m sure if Sacerdotus thinks I’ve missed something important he’ll let me know.

We are all part of the same species and originated from the first human beings to walk the Earth.  You dismiss God without basis and you argue from assertion. We need more than that in order to take your position as valid.

I don’t need more than that.  There is no god.  If there is then show me.  You can’t, and it’s a pointless argument.  You’ve got plenty of others to argue that point with, I’m not interested in your god at all.  Whether or not you want to take my position as valid is entirely up to you.  You can, and will, believe whatever you like.

Speaking the truth does not make one a bigot.  It is not news that all civilizations, old and recent, have had some sort of a death penalty.

You don’t speak the truth.  You accept the gospel and the magisterium of the catholic church as truth.  Both are flawed human endeavours.  You hide behind your church and use that to pretend you’re a step removed from your bigotry.  You’re not.  You have a choice, use it.

The Catholic Church has earn its right to be a dominant relevant voice on Earth.  We are the largest and oldest social structure in modern times.  We have outlived every empire that are now gone.

So?  The catholic church has no right, it is governed by a bunch of old men that elect themselves.  In a modern society it is antiquated and out of touch.  It doesn’t matter how old it is.  The only reason that it is here is because it created its own power base by accumulating property and devotion from a gullible people.  We’re not in Kansas any more Dorothy.  It’s time to pack it up, sell it off.

The governments of today have modeled their laws after our beliefs, philosophies and understanding of the natural law.  We have provided modern science to the world, the school and hospital system as well.

Oh please. The laws the church pretends to have supplied were well in existence before you lot rooted your first goat.  In fact, the law has to be designed to limit the control of the church.  And while the church does a great deal of good in the world, it does so because it thinks that’s what some imaginary deity wants.  The reality is that those schools and hospitals are full of normal people who think most of the churches teachings are bollocks.

That being said:  The Catholic Church can never be silent when a minority subculture is attempting to distort reality.  You are a fool if you think the Church will let an idea that just appeared this morning to take down thousands of years of knowledge, wisdom and common sense.

The church is a minority.  Most people in the world don’t agree with you.  Most Australians are not catholics.  The only reason the church opposes things is because it’s a threat to its authority or livelihood.  You’re a fool if you think otherwise.

Sin is a real thing.  Look around you.

Sin is not real, it’s an invention created by religious nutters.  It’s a perceived wrong done against a deity.  There are no gods, therefore no sin.

Why do people do evil?

Because.  They do.  You’re god is very limited if he can’t even get that right.

Why be an addict?  Do you want to be the sum of an act?  Do you want to be defined by where you insert your penis, or do you want to define yourself by your character, knowledge and contribution to society?   The choice is yours.  I don’t think human beings exist to penetrate each other to one’s own content.  There is more to life than that.

I’m human.  I enjoy inserting my penis.  I also have a job, community involvement, deal with 100’s of people every week.  Sex is only a small part of my life, a nice part.  It’s only you religious types that think because we’re gay we only ever think about sex.

God is extremely merciful.  You’d be surprised at the many gay people who accept God at the last breath and make it.

Oh please, that’s such a silly line.  You’d be surprised at how many catholics accept there is no god at their last breath.

Well every time I see something about the LGBT community, it is always sexual.  Black and Hispanic history months demonstrate each respective ethnicity’s contribution to society.  Its famous individuals, its intellectuals and the like.

Then you should get out and look more.  Every year here in Melbourne we have a Pride March and most of the people who march are fully clothed showing their support.  Support organisations,  police, bands, schools, pubs and clubs, hair dressers are all represented.  And yes, Dikes on Bikes, the gay Football team are mostly unclad people.  But that’s not sexual, that’s just people with little on.

Gay pride month? Well…. disgusting sexual manifestations on city streets.  Sex is portrayed, even in front of children.

Sex is everywhere.  You heteros are forever putting in in TV shows, ads, billboards, magazines.  It’s not disgusting at all.  It’s part of being human.  You seem to be hung up about it.

 People are people. They have dignity.  They are not objects of gratification for others.  Why do you think so many LGBT opt out of life?  Your lifestyle is killing them!

You’ll be pleased to know that sex between a man and a woman is about gratification.  And it’s about love.  You’ll then understand that sex between two men is also about gratification and it’s about love.  Just like straight people hook up for a one night stand, so too do gay people.  It’s the way it’s always been and no amount of you crying about gratification will escape the fact that there is more bodily fluids exchanged between people that doesn’t result in birth than does.  There is more sex for gratification for both parties than for love.  There just is.  It’s what animals do.  It’s what humans do.  We just got it right, we don’t have to procreate just because we have sex.  Being gay is a bonus.

Perhaps the reason LGBT people opt out of life is because they are persecuted by catholics with a narrow view of the world.  Being gay is not a lifestyle.  Sitting on the beach in a luxury resort is a lifestyle.

Please show me an event where gay authors, poets, philosophers, scientists etc speak to the people and encourage them.  Please show me a LGBT event that is void of strippers, men dressed in silly costumes, young teens in underwear, old obese men in leather.  Please show me something other than this circus.

Seriously?  Get out more.

If that is true then why did my post get your attention?  If you are so set in your life, then you would have just turned a blind eye to my post.

It’s a hobby.

Do you approach women to flirt?  I am assuming that you don’t because they are not worth your time.

Why do you assume that?  I work with some wonderful women.  Yes, we interact, and yes we flirt.  Women are an important part of the world.  Catholics treat them like dirt.

So why pay attention to my blog and the Catholic Church’s views on homosexuality?

There was nothing good on the telly.

Obviously, my prayer to reach others did work for me. 🙂

I guess from the smiley face that you make a joke.  Prayer just keeps you busy.  You should pray more.

All human beings, Christian, non Christian, homo or hetero are called to something higher.

No they’re not.  There is nothing higher.  You get one life, that’s it.  When you die it’s all over.  Stop wasting your time on religion and do something useful with your life.

 We are not the sum of our sexuality or of what pleasures us.  When you realize this you will be free and know true joy.

I already realise that.  I am free, and I have true joy.  I’m also bound by the society in which I live, I work hard, I play hard and I love life.  That’s the way it should be.  People get on in the world because they know and understand the value of those around them.

It’s a pity that you won’t open your eyes to the true wonder of the world, leave the medieval religion behind and embrace humanity for what it is.  A moment in universal time.  A very brief moment, and one that you have been lucky enough to participate in.

Stop wasting that briefest of moments.

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  1. Sacerdotus is clearly another of those closet homosexuals who can’t accept who they are and needs to attack other gay people to hide their true sexuality. He’s also a douche-canoe mofo of the biggest order.