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Old churches

[SOURCE] I’m all for keeping old things about. The Christchurch Cathedral was a fine example of a church, before an earthquake shook it so much that it collapsed. Now people want to chain themselves to it to prevent it from being demolished. Move on people, it’s just a building, and just because you think it’s special, doesn’t […]

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Earthquakes and god

[SOURCE] Those crazy jews over at AJN Watch have made an important link between an earthquake yesterday in Victoria and the tragic earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand. The New Zealanders tired to stop the ritual and brutal killing of chickens, which is carried out to enable the faithful jews to eat their chicken in the knowledge that […]


Useless god

[SOURCE] Encounter is a program on Radio National – part of the ABC.  It’s a sort of religious program that apparently ‘explores the connections between religion and life’.  This week they did a story on the floods in Central Victoria and as Martyn Scrimshaw a salvation army officer based in Bendigo was talking I was talking […]


God used the Earthquake to teach them a lesson

[SOURCE] Every now and then I read a blog that really sets my teeth on edge.  Bill Muehlenberg Mugbatwallaby has used the Haiti earthquake to claim that it’s all his god’s doing. His god is an absolute bastard then.  But worse than that, for some person to wipe away the pain and anguish by simply […]

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Quake in Chile

[SOURCE] You just know that somewhere out there in the world wide web some dumbarse christians are thinking the world is about to end. It only seems like yesterday that Haiti had a big quake that caused much devastation.  Now the pro-death christians have got boners because another big quake has happened and more death and […]


Catholic Bible

In case you didn’t know, there’s a catholic bible.  It’s the same babble as the rest of the holy babbles out there (and there’s thousands) and of course, there’s websites. Over at Catholic Bible in a Year.org you can find out how to read the bible in a year, true dinks.  The catholic version of […]

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Bibles in Haiti

[SOURCE] Get this, the group that calls themselves “Faith Comes By Hearing” are sending a bunch of audio bibles, solar powered, into Haiti. Jesus fucking christ.  What is wrong with you? Faith Comes By Hearing, an international Audio Bible group, is working with Convoy of Hope to provide spiritual relief in Haiti. Spiritual relief is a […]


Haiti comment ‘stupid’

[SOURCE] Pat Robertson, a man who think god talks to him1, claimed that the Haitian’s made a pact with the devil2. I made mention of it over here As I have said before, not enough people in authority call these god-lovers out on this wacko concepts – they just seem to get away with saying […]

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Where is god?

[SOURCE] Things are pretty grim in Haiti.  The body count to date is 70,000 people.  I grieve for the loss of that many fellow humans.  Nobody knows how many are dead, maybe we’ll never know.  I’ve read stories where they say it might be up to 200,000 people.  That’s a lot of people to go […]


Indonesia and christian Relief Groups

SOURCE. As the death toll continues to rise, Christian relief agencies face steep challenges as they try to meet the demands of several natural disasters throughout Indonesia. One of these challenges is balancing faithfulness to the Great Commission and humanitarian aid. The death toll continues to rise….. the challenge….. faithfulness to the Great Commission? Let […]

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