God used the Earthquake to teach them a lesson


Every now and then I read a blog that really sets my teeth on edge.  Bill Muehlenberg Mugbatwallaby has used the Haiti earthquake to claim that it’s all his god’s doing.

His god is an absolute bastard then.  But worse than that, for some person to wipe away the pain and anguish by simply stating that its all for the good of the people is to display the biggest amount of insensitive disrespect for every single one of the 230,000 that died.  To pretend that the event was some how condoned by his god shows just how away with the fairies he really is.  It’s disgusting and makes me think he’s worthy of a trip around the Large Hadron Collider, on the inside.

If God only exists to keep us in a state of happiness and pleasure, then yes, disasters would indicate God’s absence or displeasure.

Oh please.  What does that even mean?

It is certainly possible that the judgment of God was an element of the January quake. We are often not in a position to clearly know these things, at least not as clearly as in the Old Testament when God sent prophets to inform people about his activities in the world.

So, you’re saying that its ‘certainly possible’, leaving a way out if you happen to be wrong?  You know you’re wrong don’t you.  You’re not in a position to clearly know, but that doesn’t stop you spreading your vile words, and why oh why are his god’s people subjected to this violent and sudden death, why the fuck are there no prophets to warn them?  Why do christian arseholes say this crap after the event.  Does Mr Mugbatwallaby stick his tongue out and go ‘na nah, na nah’?

The Confraternite Missionaire Baptiste d’Haiti has said just recently that over 40,000 Haitians have made professions of faith in Jesus Christ since the earthquake occurred.

My understanding is that the Haitians are a deeply superstitious lot.  What’s the bet  they’re just hedging their bets, and it’s too fucking late, the disaster has already been.  Nobody seriously believes that accepting jesus now will save you from the next quake.  What’s the bet that their bastard god does not prevent the rains that are about to fall on the island, causing much more grief, death and suffering.

So God is not finished yet with Haiti. He is still at work there, and we can give thanks that even out of this enormous disaster, some long-term good is occurring, both physically and spiritually.

On one hand you say you can’t clearly know that god is responsible, and on the next hand you say that he hasn’t finished.  Which is it?

Who ever is in charge there needs to kick the christians out.  This level of fairy tale is revolting.  The christians are in there rubbing there sacred beads around their phallic members getting off on how they’re doing gods work.  How they’re saving souls.

It would be so easy for this bastard god to simply change the colour of the sun, change the colour of the water, put snow out on a really hot day, have it rain but stop the water from hitting the ground and running off on unseen gutters.  You know, do something supernatural.  Instead, the fucking christians use a very natural event to invoke their bronze age god and say “look, you’ve pissed him off, you better come and worship him otherswise something really bad will happen”

You arseholes.  They need help, not your stupid fucked religion that makes them feel like it’s their fault.  You have made the victims of this horrible natural event the perpetrators.  This is akin to telling them that the quake is all their fault, “look at the 500,000 people you have killed and injured, its all your fault, you better pull your fingers out and smarten up.”  For some strange reason you appear to be taking delight in the whole tragic situation, you’re happy because now you can proclaim how brilliant jesus is.

I know where the pulled out fingers need to be shoved, better if they were wrapped around something solid, metal and hot.

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