Catholic Bible

In case you didn’t know, there’s a catholic bible.  It’s the same babble as the rest of the holy babbles out there (and there’s thousands) and of course, there’s websites.

Over at Catholic Bible in a you can find out how to read the bible in a year, true dinks.  The catholic version of it that is.

Today’s lesson is predestination.  You know what destination is don’t you – its the place you are aiming for, the final place of your trip and so on.  Pre means before, in this case predestination means that the trip is all sorted out before you get there, and in the case of catholic belief that’s about god having a plan for you.  Neat.

First of all it does not mean that God is in any way arbitrary in his dealings with us or others. Secondly Predestination does not mean that we are not responsible for our own actions before God.

Right, he’s not arbitrary, tell that to the thousands who died in the tsunamis, bushfires and earthquakes.  Anyway, they’re saying that while god has a plan, you can do what you like because god has a plan and while you can’t change the plan (predestination) you are responsible for the actions of the plan.

It means that God’s plan for our lives is not an accident. It does not mean that we are at the mercy of forces that operate at random. Destination means that God’s plan for us was intended from the very beginning — and that he has carefully thought out, in complete detail, all that needs to be done for our Salvation, as well as for our continued spiritual growth.

So, the plan is not an accident, it’s a plan.  We are not at the mercy of forces – i.e. fire, earthquake, giant people drowning waves.  God’s plan was intended… from the beginning… and it’s carefully thought out, in complete detail.

My head hurts.

Look, either we are in control of our own decisions or not.  Either god made a plan, a detailed plan for us, and knows the outcome or he doesn’t.  You can’t have it both ways.

If the plan is already there, then the catholic god is a bastard and he should return to the local TAFE college to do a course in simple time management and planning, because quite honestly, he sucks at it.

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