Quake in Chile


You just know that somewhere out there in the world wide web some dumbarse christians are thinking the world is about to end.

It only seems like yesterday that Haiti had a big quake that caused much devastation.  Now the pro-death christians have got boners because another big quake has happened and more death and destruction has visited us.

It’s the end of days they cry!  Two earth quakes, big earth quakes!  It’s the end of days, the seals are being broken!  Satan is lose on the earth!  jesus is coming back!  Repent! Repent!

MedHelp is a site that does medical stuff, seems quite good, but buried in their forums are nutters that think they are about to be taken up to heaven in the great rapture.  Earthquakes are a sure sign.  Never mind that earthquakes happen every day.  They take it as a sign.

People I have been saying all along in all my journals that we are living in the last days. & the bible tells us that b4 Jesus returns that earthquakes would increase in the last days!!

Hopefully it’s your last days.

“God, we don’t always understand why some things happen but we are so glad that you are in control”. Thank you God for giving me and so many others the ability and wisdom to recognize the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

You call this control?  Sounds like he’s slipped up a bit, and why is this any more ‘imminent’ than any natural event in the last 2000 years?

God is still in control of everything that goes on! Trust me he does not want it 2b like this because our God is a loving God! But because of the evilness in mans heart & the sinful nature in it! God has 2 punish earth 4 turning its back on God

Sorry?  In control of everything?  If he doesn’t want it to be like this why doesn’t he try some supernatural event instead of a natural event, then we might take notice, as far as I can tell it’s an earthquake.  If your bastard god really wants to get our attention, why doesn’t he do something spectacular, like replace the sun with a giant glowing cross?  Then we would all pay attention and could avoid the end times.  And what’s the idea with the punishment?  That bastard god disappears for thousands of years, the most we get is visions of jesus on toast, so in the absence of any clear proof he wants to punish us for turning our backs on him.  Just who turned their back on whom?

Have a browse through the forum, its quite laughable.  These nutters are going to bring about the end of the world just from their fucking stupidity.

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2 Responses to Quake in Chile

  1. No doubt the christovangelists are cashing in on all this devastation and doom.

  2. Andrew says:

    Woah! Hang on a minute… Haiti and Chile are seriously devout catholic countries… Maybe the catholics got it wrong and Mohammed or Kali or Andrew Bolt or one of the other non-Catholic gods are gunning for the catholics. Stick that up your arse Pope BennyDick… The christian god is such an arsehat… as are all the others