Idiotic Claims


Bill Muehlenberg is a christian, or something.  He’s got a blog and uses it to defend the ridiculous notion that there is a god and he draws

upon the wealth of wisdom found in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

I guess that means he thinks jesus is his saviour.

You know that god of the judeo-chrisitian tradition, don’t you?  That’s the god that put a tree in the middle of a garden, then put people next to the tree and told them not to eat from it, it’s the god that then punished those people and could only manage to redeem them by killing his only son, that was really himself, and calling it a sacrifice, until his son, which is really himself, came back to life.  So, where’s the sacrifice if nothing was actually given up?

Now, that’s an idiotic claim.  Really, it’s idiotic.  Plain and simple.

Billy babes thinks that it is an idiotic claim to say that teaching religion to children is child abuse.  This is akin to saying that it’s ok to pretend the god of the bible is real and to pretend that that is the truth.  It’s not the truth, it’s rubbish and dangerous.  It promotes distrust of other faiths, in makes people feel superior to others, it’s used to justify homophobia, racism and even greed.

Like so many theists, he really wants to think that atheism is a religion.  He wants to make Richard Dawkins the head honcho of the atheists.  He’s desperate, and can’t understand how anyone can have no  beliefs in anything at all.

It is simply impossible to discuss any vital political or moral question without an appeal to some sort of worldview, some sort of overarching religious point of view, even if that viewpoint happens to be atheism.

Let’s get this right here.  Religion, it’s way out idiotic beliefs, have no place in decision making processes that affect everyone.  We don’t subscribe to your stupid fairytales and they have no place in our rules. You don’t need religion to work out that we are social beings and all we really want to do is get on with each other.   Religion is divisive.  It encourages its followers to believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Bill also can’t see where the indoctrination  of children is child abuse.  He doesn’t see that teaching children that if they don’t behave in a certain way, they’ll go to hell.  He doesn’t see that teaching children that being gay is evil and wrong will cause much pain and anguish in a gay child, it is more likely to lead that child to suicide.  He thinks that indoctrinating children with his filthy hateful religion is a good thing.

Bill has a right to believe what ever he wants, but he really needs to shut up and keep it to himself.

Oh, yes, I have a right to not believe whatever I want, and I really need to shut up and keep it to myself….. you first.

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