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God Did It!

Should you spend your money on mocking science or get on and help those that need food?

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Jesus, Billy is missing out

[SOURCE] Oh I can feel the despair that good old Uncle Billy is feeling.  He’s gone all wishy-washy at the knees.  He’s just finished a 1453 word essay on the gospel and there isn’t an abortion or gay anywhere to be seen.  That’s remarkable. If you’re ready for a nap, go and have a read, […]

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Christians Have a Home!

[SOURCE] It’s all happening for the Australian Christian Party this month. They have a new office!  Woo hoo. The gala opening attended by 3 people and a photographer was call “historic” and their new address is PO Box 258, Croydon Vic 3136.  Hang on, they have an office in a post box?  Maybe they’re worried and […]

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Learning to Turn The Other Cheek with Great Sage Billy M

[SOURCE] As with any worthwhile worldview, there should be a measure of coherence and internal consistency. For example, there should not be glaring contradictions or a woeful disconnect between what you claim to believe and what you actually do. A comment from Muehlenberg that sounds quite promising. “No glaring contradictions.” he says.  This one should […]


The Australian Christians lack respect for our institutions

[SOURCE] Australian Christian Party has been bobbing around a bit hoping to win a few seats at the next election – I wrote about them here.  On their Facebook page they posted this comment, let me just pull this apart a bit for you: When Ed Husic was sworn in to parliament the regular options […]


How to use tragedy to push your religion – Ray Comfort gets it wrong!

[SOURCE] Recently a man in New Zealand died after he was horrifically attacked and eaten by a shark. The atheist, however, can’t blame God for creating the shark, because (in his mind) God doesn’t exist. He has to say that this tragedy was the cold result of the evolutionary process. It was a matter of […]

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Spinksy Snorts at the Universe

[SOURCE] Somebody must’ve told me old mate Spinksy what a dip-shit he is to think the world was created because god farted. Upon posting an article about a literal interpretation of Genesis I received several comments from friends and acquaintances that can be summed up like so: “The creation story is not the important part […]

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Sacerdotus imparts his godly wisdom on the Lame

Sacerdotus has been the subject of a couple of my recent blogs.  He’s decided to answer me on his blog.  He’s done what I do, pulls apart my words sentence by sentence.  So, I’ve grabbed a couple of his sentences and done the same thing.  If you want to get the jist of his answers, you […]

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Pope Confused about his Gender

[SOURCE] It’s that time of the year when all the christians get excited about celebrating the birth of their god, that’s the god who has always existed.  Christmas is about his birth apparently. Pope Bendydick, head of the catholics, addresses his cardinals with a christmas message, and has a bit to say about family. The great […]


Cameron Spink on Sex

[SOURCE] Spinksy, Spinksy, Spinksy, you really need to get out and live a little. When Emma and I announced our engagement there were friends and family who responded in shock because we weren’t living together and presumably hadn’t slept together (these presumptions were correct). Hence some people raised with Emma their concerns about how ignorant […]

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