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The Gays Are Coming to Get Billy!

[SOURCE] The Australian Federal Government have gone to a lot of trouble to combine several Acts that deal with discrimination and human rights.  It’s a brilliant bit of work.  Unless you think that the Government is out to get you. Oh look – here’s a post by our resident American expert on everything…  Billy Mulehead. […]


Christian Tim Worries About Speeding Sins!

[SOURCE] From the ‘that’s so crazy you must be really very simple’ file we find this delight from one Tim Wilson. While I was driving at the speed limit, the cars passing me obviously were not. The question that formed in my mind was “is my speedo broken or are they breaking the set speed […]

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Forbes Morrison likes Graceful Summer Dresses

[SOURCE] Forbes Morrison is a regular commenter on TwatManâ„¢ Billy The Mules website.  He’s 23 and married.  So he’s probably getting plenty of sex with his 6th child on the way. He also runs a website called Gospel Australia, and one of his recent blogs caught my eye. I found it such a bizarre topic […]


Hamilton Man Trevor Walmsley is not in the bible!

[SOURCE] Out it the far-flung western provinces of Victoria exists a rather small, quaint and unremarkable town called Hamilton.  In that town there once was a pub and it was called “The Hamilton”.  It was opposite the post office and drew a large and regular crowd of beer swilling, mixed-grill eating locals. Now that same pub […]


Muehlenberg turns the hate up to 9.9

[SOURCE] Mule head is at it again, being homophobic and very hateful. The homosexual militants are notorious for agitating for “hate crime” laws all over the Western world. Oh you mean we want to be given a fair go and not victimized because we’re gay?  All over the western world we are victimized and marginalised, […]


Miriam Grossman talks about giving head

Australia waits for Miriam Grossman to land on our shores to spread her god virus amongst us. She talks about oral sex and throat cancer while in New Zealand doing the rounds.  She’s making big claims that nobody tells anyone the risk of the  human papilloma virus, which may be spread through sexual contact.  The […]

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Court, Gays and Jesus – Picking your bible verse

[SOURCE] Margaret Court use to whack a ball around a court, she was quite famous for it. Margs (to her mates) then went on and opened up a church after she found that she could make money by peddling bronze age myths and pretending they were relevant in this day and age. Recently she’s been […]

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How God Saves the Day

[SOURCE] Young man, Daniel Jang, was driving home one wet dark night when he took a corner too quickly, his car spun around and ended up on the footpath.  Luckily for him, his seat belt held him in place and good road construction prevented him from flying over the edge of a bridge. Sliding momentum […]

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Muehlenberg shows us the real evil

[SOURCE] Marriage equality is all the rage in Australia at the present. As our parliament sits to hear the views of its constituency, plenty of christians are getting themselves all worked up demanding that a minority may not dictate the agenda. That is, the so-called militant homosexual lobby may not tell everyone else how to […]

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National Day of Prayer and Fasting and wishful thinking

[SOURCE] As I often say, you can do something useful with your time, or you could pray.  Now it seems that those radical, fundamentalist, medieval christians want a whole day to waste doing nothing, not even eating. Crazy batshit stuff. The NDOPF as they like to call in on their website, says: The purpose for the National Day […]

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