Christian Tim Worries About Speeding Sins!


From the ‘that’s so crazy you must be really very simple’ file we find this delight from one Tim Wilson.

While I was driving at the speed limit, the cars passing me obviously were not. The question that formed in my mind was “is my speedo broken or are they breaking the set speed law?”

The follow up question to this first one was “if speeding is breaking the law is it also sin?”

It takes a very quick google search to uncover God’s stance on this topic. Speeding may not have been an issue when the bible was written but God is very clear that breaking the law (including speed zones) of the authorities is sin.

Seriously?  God has a stance on speeding.  Who would have thought that his rules extended to things not even thought of yet.  Not only do you ask really silly questions in the car, you then actually type this shit into Google.  Really has does going 70 km/h in a 60 zone affect your god?  Is some of his awesomeness lost?

Another quick google search does not reveal any opposing verses to this stance, although there are a few examples given of people who have righteously disobeyed the law e.g. the midwives who lied to Pharaoh in Egypt and Rahab who had hidden Israelite spies.

Then you didn’t search very well.  The opposing view is that there is no god and it’s a crock of shit.

If any one of us have reached this far and any one of us are a speeder, my suggestion is to repent before God (and others if you feel it is necessary) and change driving habits (it would be a lie to say I have never-ever gone over the speed limit). This may mean any one of us need to leave home earlier to be on time, or arrive late at functions. In my view, fearing God above – the reasons – we may have for speeding and ask Him for help.

You don’t need any help to stop speeding, simply take your foot of the pedal, it’s really very easy.

Whatever our driving habits I do believe there is grace for us when we overstep the limit accidentally or in emergency situations, because Jesus was definitely not a legalist. Our motivation behind driving to the limit should always be our love for God, not on avoiding speeding fines or proving more ‘righteous’ than others.

My motivation for driving within the limit is for the safety of myself and those around me.  I also try to keep within the limit to keep my right to drive.  It’s good practical sense.  If you drive within the limits to please your god then I think you should get the fuck off the road and walk everywhere.

Another question: Was it a sin for the road works personnel to forget to take down the speed restriction signs?

Wait… is it a sin to  drive through an amber light?  Is it a sin to not give way at a give way sign?  Is it ok to drink altar wine and go over .05?  Can you legally say the rosary while driving?  Is it a sin to have the beads in your hand while driving?

I’m surprised Timmy’s head hasn’t exploded.  You really don’t have a real job do you Timmy?

I am the first to say I need to constantly consider my driving habits and along with the seemingly endless other ‘laws of the land’ any one of us may struggle with. I am here attempting to approach these specific speed laws from a biblical stance.

Why?  You don’t need any knowledge of any god to understand that the laws are there to help and protect everyone.  God has nothing to do with it.

Tim Wilson is married with two children who served with YWAM for five years in Brisbane and now serving in mission in Canada. 

Oh, I was right, he doesn’t have a real job.  I hope he is on a mission in far flung Canada and his balls are freezing.


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