The Gays Are Coming to Get Billy!


The Australian Federal Government have gone to a lot of trouble to combine several Acts that deal with discrimination and human rights.  It’s a brilliant bit of work.  Unless you think that the Government is out to get you. Oh look – here’s a post by our resident American expert on everything…  Billy Mulehead.


It seeks to update, expand and standardise the current laws and make things even more difficult for those concerned about religious freedom, freedom of conscience, and freedom of speech.

More difficult?  Not really, it aims to cut the ability of religious organisation to discriminate for no good reason.

Of real concern are the addition of two new categories, sexual orientation and gender identity, and the stripping away of various religious exemptions.

It’d be a real concern if it wasn’t included.  The rights of those other than straight people are often trampled on by people claiming religious freedom.  It seems that freedom only goes one way.  I would think that the best place to protect the rights of those that are constantly oppressed would be in a anti-discrimination/human rights bill.

Quite so. This is more nanny state, big government restriction on healthy free speech, and a dangerous step toward more of the flawed concepts of hate speech and hate crimes.

That’s Billy saying what he wants is to maintain the right to say that all gay people are evil and of the devil.  He wants to be able to restrict the rights of anyone he wants without fear of prosecution.  He wants to be able to say hateful things because he believes in a fictional god.

Orwell’s Big Brother thrived on such things, but no democracy should even be thinking about moving in this direction.

Orwell’s Big Brother scenario that is so often trotted out is simply stupid.  Orwell’s work 1984 is a piece of fiction.  Nothing more and nothing less.  He is no more a seer or prophet than any author of fiction.  Billy doesn’t really specify why a democracy shouldn’t be moving in this direction.  But somewhere, deep in his mind is the notion that he might have to shut the fuck up.

And given all the mischief such laws have had on Christian groups and churches already, this move will only mean more restrictions of religious freedom, primarily that of Christians to proclaim the gospel and stand for truth in the public arena.

The gospel of truth of which he speaks is questionable.  He is pretending that his sacred text is the truth and the only truth.  Therefore he should always have the right to spout his religious nonsense without hindrance   He doesn’t care that most people in the world don’t give a low flying duck shit about his gospel of truth and simply dismiss it outright.  He can’t explain why such a small group of people should retain a right to spew forth their vile bile in the public square.  He also dislikes the ‘mischief such laws have’.  Nobody really is out to get you Billy, nobody is trying to shut you down.  But it is time that you learned that the world is big and your claim to truth is flawed.

Or as Orwell said elsewhere, “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” Indeed, that seems to be the main reason why such laws are being proposed in the first place.

Well no.  Society is drifting towards the truth, not away from it.  Those that continue to treat the bible as some sort of truth are in fact the hate speakers.  Christians of Bill’s type believe that the gospel should be used to make laws and those laws should be forced on everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs.  And that is the main reason the laws are being proposed.

I don’t think the laws go far enough – but its early days yet.

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4 Responses to The Gays Are Coming to Get Billy!

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  2. Axel Andrews says:

    Thanks for taking a stance against the lies and bigotry of Bill Muehlenberg! As you know he censors any – even mildly critical comments on his website giving the impression that his words go unchallenged.

    Fortunately, you are not alone in exposing this bigot – see
    Bill Muehlenberg: Bullying and lying for Jesus

    Keep up the good work!

    • Bruce says:

      That’s a brilliant website you’ve referred us to – if you want to see more about Billy the Mule and how he censors his comments, be sure to get along and have a look. Thanks Axel.

  3. Axel says:

    My pleasure, Bruce! I see it as a civic duty to expose the bigotry of religions and its disproportionate power over societies.
    Luckily, in the modern world where information is just a click away they are finding it increasingly difficult to peddle their absurd ideas. Fortunately, religions are now on the wrong side of history and as the Zeitgeist moves on, it will hopefully leave religions on the scrapheap of social development. The next step should be to remove all tax privileges from religious institutions.